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Like Sharon, I too worry about this week. The other parties will stop at NOTHING to attempt to prevent us from winning. ANYTHING and she is absolutely correct in including the proverbial kitchen sink. The Libs especially are great at bringing out nasty stuff at the very end. They are questioning the $45k union money even tho the party did not accept it and the Chief Electoral Officer says there is nothing to investigate. This from a party with so much corruption in its background (tho the Tories are pretty equal in that area as well) - that for them to question the NDP's action is akin to Dubya questioning Obama's policies on Gitmo when he full well knew that torture was occurring under his watch.

I do think the party can withstand anything thrown at us though. We have not had the kind of scandals they have had - just think of Senator barrows and the liqurgate affair (not sure it was called that but the party was getting kickbacks) or certain pols who accept cash from shady arms dealers and "forget" to pay income tax on it.

Still, remember Father Andy Hogan, a good man who represented a federal riding in Cape Breton, done in by the likes of David "taxpayers pay 4 his gum" Dingwall. Hogan lost, Dingwall became an MP for many yrs and claimed all sorts of interesting items, inc chewing gum and then was placed in charge of the Mint. (really, like the fox in the chicken coop for sure). Father Hogan, a well regarded prof from St. FX and the Antigonish movement, had a cold during the campaign and Dingwall and his cronies claimed he had a drinking problem and thus missed many Commons' sittings. It was all untrue yet even people in Upper Canada were talking about "poor father Hogan". It was disgusting so Darrell needs to be careful. I do think this is a different situation. Darrell is not reoffering as Premier - he has never abused any power and is seen as honest and down to earth and while he may represent and live in an urban riding, comes from Queens County and retains his roots. I expect to see and hear some VERY nasty stuff - which I won't even suggest here, lest someone get any ideas!

As I already said, I wish the election was tomorrow but with these numbers, I do not see how the other parties can catcch up tho I am just slightly worried about the many close ridings. Hope, all will be well and we will be celebrating on June 9!!



I believe that the people who will be supporting us on June 9th are firm in their thinking and that our support is stronger than many think.  Many of the close ridings (including the one I'm working in: Cumberland North) have a large turnout problem for any other candidate than the PC candidate.  Until now, they haven't had the call to arms/kick in the ass that they've needed to get out to the polls.  Thanks to the work Darrell and his group of strong MLAs have put in over the last 6 years people are excited and relieved to finally have a fighting chance.


Thanks to all the volunteers out there, your hard work has meant a world of differnece.

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V. Jara

Nastiness, hysterics, and panic will not work. As long as the NDP stays off the defensive, its going to carry this one across the goal line. MacNeill has completely jettisoned his high road approach, he's now trafficking on half-truths and insinuations. That's not the kind of leadership Nova Scotians are looking for. The NS NDP has another big advantage in this campaign that should help them hold some ground. That advantage is that they are running some truly excellent candidates in a lot of the tough swin ridings this time around. That will allow they to hold some ground in the case of a slide, just because of the local staying power/effect of their well qualified candidates. June 9th, here we come.

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