Young New Brunswick Men avoid...

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Young New Brunswick Men avoid...

...the H1N1 shot.


New Brunswick's Department of Health is urging young men to get the H1N1 vaccine as officials are noticing men in their 20s are avoiding getting the swine flu shot.

'There's something about being young and male that gives you belief in your own bulletproof status. And we just can't get them along to the clinics at the moment.'- Dr. Paul Van Buynder, N.B. deputy chief medical officer

Dr. Paul Van Buynder, deputy chief medical officer of health, said the public H1N1 vaccination clinics are wrapping up this week and the department is concerned young men are avoiding their shots.


There are young men left in New Brunswick!?!  I thought we all moved west after graduation!


Money mouth


Normal healthy people didnt/dont need it.

Pierre C yr

Actually the younger you are the more likely you need it. Older people are more likely to have been exposed to some versions of the  h1n1 virus in the past and retain some immunity to it. Its important howver that anyone under 50 get it or anyone with health issues that might compromise their immune system. In fact today a 27 year old man died of h1n1... he apparently did not get the shot.