Eternal adolescence - or middle-aged (and up) juvenile delinquents

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Eternal adolescence - or middle-aged (and up) juvenile delinquents

Ha! someone actually said "lagatta may still be a youngster"! Don't want to make this all about myself as in "lagatta and other youngsters" but perhaps the theme of veterans getting out their anti-Vietnam-war posters, our placards from Le Front commun de 1972 and of course joining in the casserole protests might be some fun in this frozen clime. Get out your rollators and join in the march! Part of the Union!

This song must, of course, be REfeminized - it was orginally "Union Maid". But that was a long time before 1973.

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I saw a WalMart commercial on TV about 10 years ago featuring employees who were members of a fiddle orchestra in Newfoundland.

The tune they played? Red Wing the melody Guthrie used to craft Union Maid. My jaw dropped.

I never saw that ad run again, so obviously some other people saw it too, and got the message.

Thing is, none of those fiddling subversives were spring chickens either. Those tunes always wind up coming back.



Here is a fiddle and banjo version of Union Maid: the bluegrassy version makes one think of miners' strikes in Appalachia. But of course the original is at least as old as my parents were. And my parents weren't young when I was born.