If time travel was ever possible, then why hasn't someone from the future come back to visit us?

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But if someone were so intelligent as to invent such a device, and with approximately 13 billion known or estimated years of time in the universe to consider, perhaps they just haven't yet gotten around to our 50k blip of existence on the scale of things.  We'd have to be quite selfish about it to expect first dibs on a visitation.

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Excellent point, SJ.


And that's not even considering the evolution of some 'prime directive' governing time travel. If there were rogue time travelers going around interfering with things, what are the odds that even more advanced time travelers weren't going around behind them to tidy up the mess and put everything back in its place. Trekkies have been debating these concepts for years, and I think they had it pretty much nailed down in one particular Voyager episode.


Mr Mulder, [url=http://www.ufocasebook.com/mountwashington1870large.jpg]they[/url] have been here for a long, long time.

There were no flying objects in general in 1871, the year of the first known UFO photograph. At least none that looked like that.


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