Just a lazy day...whatcha up to?

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Air ain't air unless you can chew it, Boom Boom. :D

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Oops... I left the smiley off my last post! Laughing



I might dig up some thistles. Betrayal of the auld heritage, I know, but you have to admit they're kind of ugly as plants, however pretty the purple heads. And I have a feeling it's considered antisocial around here to let them go.

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I've been pulling weeds out of my gardens all summer, and the !@#$%^!!!! things keep coming back. Next year - the hell with the main veggie garden, I'm going to plant grass and flowers instead.  Too many damned weeds to make veggie gardening worthwhile.

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feed the baby, change the baby, play with the baby, put the baby down, chores, feed the baby......  :-)

polly bee

Sigh.  Just got home from 7 wonderful days at the lake.  Had mostly smoking hot weather and very few other campers except on the weekend.  Fell asleep briefly on an air mattress and imprinted a tan outline of my own hand on my neck.  Drank too many beers and slept late every day, made breakfast about lunch time and supper when it got dark.  Tonight I will have a hour long bath and sleep in my own bed ----------- after I finish up about a bajillion loads of laundry. 

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Sounds amazing polly bee. I got back from a long camping trip earlier this week through Banff, Glacier and Revelstoke national parks. But today I went to Vancouver pride to cheer on Starbucks, TD, Safeway, Winners, Homesense, Coca-Cola and the Conservative Party of Canada.


I pulled a bunch of weeds today.  They aren't out of control or anything, but I like to noodle around making the flower beds and garden nice and clean.  That said, I know there are huge weedish monsters lurking beneath the taller vegetables.  Yesterday I plucked some chamomile flowers, threw them into my bodum along with some mint and lemon balm leaves, and made a nice tisane.

I had to water the epazote patch, as they were all wilty in the heat. Gee, you'd think Mexican plants could take our heat standing on their heads.

I have a pile of zucchinis standing on my kitchen counter, even though we eat them every day now.

Played pétanque with the family this afternoon.  I hit 12, but one of the kids won.

For the first time, I walked to the station to do my show instead of riding my bike.  The Fringe is on, and my route takes me right through the mob on Broadway, so being on foot is somewhat less complicated than riding into a crowd.


CBC Radio had a story about pétanque, and how hip it has become, on the 6:00 news today.

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It's going to be another scorcher here on the coast. The deer will snuggle up to the cool cement walls in the shade ... and if I wanted venison I could probably just put any one of them in a headlock and make them tap out. lol. But who wants a hot meal on a day like today? I will stay close to the water and try to plough through some summer reading.








Today, my daughter and I are doing a Lord Of The Rings marathon.  That's right, all three movies.  Started at 7:30 this morning, and they are just walking into Moria right now.  (look out behind you guys!!!)


We have the extended versions, so this will be going right into the evening.  Got lotsa snacks, and my daughter made LOTR cupcakes.

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oldgoat wrote:

 Got lotsa snacks, and my daughter made LOTR cupcakes.



I watch those good Canadian kids in the World Juniors, then stay up late and watch them some more on the TSN rebroadcast. 


Other than that, since Christmas I've been flooding the back yard twice a day .  It's finally starting to look like a rink.  The "deck" is rather uneven so it takes a while to level it all out. 


Lord of the Rings marathon! That sounds like fun! I'm not just having a lazy day -- I'm having a lazy week. And I'm taking full advantage of it. Right now ... watching a documentary on OMNI about Canadian internment camps. Maybe not everyone's idea of a lazy Wednesday off, but I'm enjoying!


I am having my second cup of coffee.  Mr. Ripple is sleeping in (he works more hours at this time of year).  My kids and a friend of my son's are camping in the living room and it is trying very hard to snow outside.  We are watching the Lord of the Rings in stages, beginning with the Fellowship (obviously) last night.


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 It's a quiet day here too.

  I'm reading 'Stuffed and Starved', surfing a bit and taking breaks for laundry and other clean-up jobs.  Just did the bathroom so it's been pretty exciting.  The sun is coming out and I think I might go for a walk.  Other then that I have to think of something for dinner because the leftovers are done.

 I find the week between Christmas and New Years to be a good time for quiet things.  Things start up again next week so I don't have to go anywhere or do anything in particular besides the normal daily chores.

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I just finished Christmas Shopping.  Better late than never Laughing

Now I am working on my new years resolution by trying some new organization to get my life in order.  Used to be I would get to the end of the to do list before the end of the day.  Now I get to the end of the day with barley a dent in the to do list (as finishing the Christmas shopping today illustrates!)


I'm denting some barley myself right now - Great West Gold.