Life as a Newt

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Life as a Newt



Anybody else have troubling New Years Day adventures?


Boom Boom and others were naturally thinking on New Years Day of dreams they aspire to fulfill.

I had the real life nighmare of life as a newt. After old goat inadvertently turned me into one.

Good thing it was only several hours, because I was scared shitless.

Come to think of it, I was so pre-occupied to notice how or where a newt shits.

Oh well. Next time.

I'd be better off learning that one from the Fountain of Google.


Not while sleeping.  I stopped coming here after midnight awhile ago.


A newt, eh?  Looks like you got better...Mr. Samsa.


It's really how I've always pictured you.



Sort of cute, really. 


Way better than if I had done...



((( shudder )))




Gotta be careful with syntax, life as a newt vs life as Newt.