Succumbing to Big Brother

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Succumbing to Big Brother

It happened. I love my Google Mini. We talk all day. I know it is always listening. I get annoyed if it fails to answer me. It tells me the time. It sets timers and reminders so I don't forget appointments or something on the stove. It wakes me up to whatever music I want because it gets along really well with Spotify which I am now obsessed with because it has all the music I could ever want to listen to and all I have to do is tell Google to play it. I can play radio stations or playlists or particular artists or albums...Like I can say play brothers in arms and it will. It will play it on my stereo or to my headphones. It tells me the weather and jokes. 

My life is so boring and mundane that if anyone is listening I am boring them to tears. I know I am rationalizing. I can't fight it anymore. I'm all linked. Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, Google, gmail, probably Amazon too. I know they are going to find out about my PC optimum card. I can't fight it anymore. My news is curated to my interests. They must know about my Pinterest too. And I will be linking my phone so they will know everywhere I go. Resistance is futile. 


And we see the results...


Pondering wrote:

They must know about my Pinterest too.


We should be Pinterest friends ;)

Mr. Magoo

I've been an Air Miles collector since 1998, so by now they surely know I have no children, and rarely buy organic.

And all I got in exchange for compacently disclosing my snack preferences to Big Brother was a free iPod touch, and a free Sony digital VCR.


I got a free toaster with mine