Trancendence is closing

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Trancendence is closing



KenS wrote:

surrender being futile,

trancendence is .........


Catchfire wrote:


Catchfire Catchfire's picture

Now that's our second dose of existentialism this morning. Thanks Ken.

When a thread closes, does the internet (like Joe Bageant) die a little?


Yes, it does.


i'm thinking

.... and probably will be for quite a while

(after googling whoever that Joe guy is)


is the noting of existential angst existentialist ?

(asks the ontologicaly inclined pragmatist)


It seems pragmatic. Now whether it is teleological...

N.Beltov N.Beltov's picture

All things are connected, so nothing really closes or comes to an end.

I think D T Suzuki said that (or words to that effect) on his show recently.

Or was it this one?



That Joe, right.

Not only did I forget his name, I missed that he had cancer and died.

i'm in danger of swamping. A bursting bouquet of ephemeral existentialia.

must be time to split some wood.


Before enlightenment...

   split wood and carry water.

After enlightenment...

   split wood and carry water.

Which is presumably older than D T Suzuki

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Heh, sorry about that, eh.  When all else fails...