What is heaven like?

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Stereotyping is a short and not particularly clever cut to humour. It's not, however, against babble policy. I've been guilty of mocking British food on this site, and wishing for a utopia where "the Germans" make the beer. It's true these are coarse and simplistic statements, which don't account for the diverse populations of both modern European nations. babblers still use German to insinuate fascist behaviour, like referring to Herr Harper's diktat. absentia's initial joke falls under these lines for me. Not particularly funny, but big deal. I mean, you're posting in a thread titled "What is Heaven like?" fer crissakes.

But as Rebecca points out, and I think as most posters in this thread would agree, anti-oppression politics are first and foremost about power. I think the charges of eurocentricism and stereotyping are true, if not particularly pressing, although the joke certainly participates in eurocentric narratives which are part and parcel of colonialism, european white supremacy, etc. I think the kind of vitriol levelled at absentia does not fit the crime of a clumsy joke. Of course, once we try to defend a joke like that from charges of stereotyping, we get ourselves into all sorts of trouble. absentia, I think your last comment in this thread is offensive and moves well beyond the parameters of your original "joke," and begins to mock what this site takes very seriously: the way language, power and oppression interact.

If you'd like to open a new thread about how stereotyping relates to babble policy, I'd be all ears. Or PM me or RW if you like. But I'm closing heaven's gates for length.


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