What if the black bloc have the right idea?

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If you made a career of going around smashing  and burning things, fucking things up for the cops, and doing everything you can to provoke confrontation and subvert peaceful demonstrations should you really pretend to be surprised that the authorities might react in some way?

If you could find an actual live human being that fit your description then you might have a point.  I look at the anarchists jailed for planning illegal protests in Toronto and none of them fit your prejudiced view of people you have never met but feel confident in describing in the worst of negative terms.

Your completely dismissive negativity colours all your posts in this thread.

Oh and yes I have read your links and find them unconvincing as a representative sampling of the group of activists we are discussing and even amongst that sampling your description above is a gross caricature.

I was going to post a straw man but imagery seems to be considered offensive now. 


In the first place k, I think I have been willing to give credit where credit is due, if you read my comment at #336.

Beyond that, if you have anything other than conjecture - as in evidence on the order of clear statements of a singular purpose, evidence of pre-planning and lots of broken windows - please feel free to post it and we can discuss it.

Do I think there are well-intentioned but impressionable people who fall in with this camp? Of course. I think I said a few pages ago that that was one of the problems I had with it.





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