where did everybody go?

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where did everybody go?


Douglas Fir Premier

I went for a bike ride.

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..nice :)



You raise a serious concern. So many dedicated babblers and rabblers have drifted away. What can we do to regroup?


I hope everyone is doing well. 

I read the forums from time to time. It is not like the old glory days of the forums that is for sure. I think there is still a lot of good information and thoughts being posted.  

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Summer vacations likely


Webgear wrote:

It is not like the old glory days of the forums that is for sure. I think there is still a lot of good information and thoughts being posted.  



Most likely people are outside enjoying whatever they can of the natural world after confinment to their homes during a brutal winter was extended because of covid-19. That and I also think that with news comments offering their own comment sections and social media taking over, anonymous discussion boards just don't have the same appeal as they once did.


Summers are slow times on babble and this one is no different. Over the past 19 years babble has gone from being the Canadian social media platform to one of many.  This means that babble is a smaller, less diverse space than it has been in the past. 

rabble is always looking for ways to re-invent itself, to be better, provide more to our readers. We'd like to find a way to do this, become the next big thing as we were when we went live in April 2001, to give our loyal followers something they can't get anywhere else. But it's hard. We are no longer one of two online media sites in Canada - the Internet has exploded with choice, with progressive independent sites that host great content. Being among the first to do this is no longer enough. We're working hard to come up with a truly unique and exciting media platform for the 21st century but it will take time.

In the meanwhile, please continue to post amazing news, information and discussion - that much will never change on babble - continue to push the envelope so that this integral part of rabble remains important and relevant to politically-minded progressives all across Turtle Island and beyond. 


The Twilight Zone “Where Is Everybody?” (1959)


And where is Fidel?


mmphosis wrote:

And where is Fidel?

I think he was banned a few years ago. 


I think there will always be a place for anonymous message boards, and rabble has far less crap to wade through than Reddit or similar online spaces.   I rarely post on social media and I don't use facebook, rabble and babble has the right mix for me.     Hope to see things pick up, in the fall, and I'm going to try to bring more to the table here myself in the meantime.   Stay safe and cool, babblers!

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A Facebook "like" to your statement, Mobo!


driven away by colonizers pretending to be allies.



quizzical wrote:

driven away by colonizers pretending to be allies.


I rather suspect most 'allies' are only allies until the rubber meets the road. I always said you would get people in favour of same sex marriage but if you told them it would cost $1000 each extra to achieve that equality then that support would decline speedily


Actually, it wouldn't.

I'm deeply sad as "Montréal Simon", someone I had followed for years due to his support for the Québec student strike, and of course justice for lgbt etc struggles attacked me because I'm no friend of the corporate Liberal party. Frankly, he could have published my farewell post.

While of course the Cons are worse (sexism, homophobia, racism etc) the corporate Liberals also remain our class enemies.

Voting for USian lesser-evil crap has left our southern neighbours with no public healthcare. Nuff said.

Ken Burch

What is the name of the platform this jerk controls?



https://montrealsimon.blogspot.com/ An alternative universe where the Liberals can do no wrong and where the NDP are "even worse than the Cons"...


The title of this thread has made me think of the valuable contributors who have abandoned Babble or who seldom appear:

Ottwawa Obsevor

Wilf Day

Robbie Dee

Arthur Cramer


Hunkey Monkey

Sean from Ottawa

The thing they had in common was that they were all thoughtful moderate voices, often attacked by some of the self proclaimed purists.

Their loss has diminished Babble.


Many people on the left have also disappeared (yes, some memorable ones have died, but others have drifted away). Rabble was founded at the Québec counter-summit and was never intended to be a voice of "moderation".




I wish Sean would come back. His departure was quite recent. Unfortunately he went too far in the manner he publicly berated and blamed Meg for the state of the board.

I too have had my differences with Meg for her moderating decisions but without her I don't think there would be a babble at all. It would get shut down. She is only paid a few hours a week to moderate which should be plenty seeing as most of us are mature in years adults. We shouldn't need rules. We should know better.

As children most of us heard (and deemed unfair) the response of "It doesn't matter who started it". Sometimes as children it was unfair but as adults it isn't. If I am saying things to other people that would offend me, even if they started it, I  am in the wrong.

Acceptable responses are to quote the individual and call them out for being rude/aggressive without adding insult, report them, ignore them or ignore the rudeness. If you call them out and they respond with more offence then the only options are report or ignore.

Once it becomes a flamewar both participants are equally guilty. As mom would say, it doesn't matter who started it because both are behaving unacceptably. Being offended doesn't justify being offensive.

If anything has driven posters off it has been flamewars and hostility. We can blame Meg and all the other moderators but when push comes to shove we are responsible for our collective behavior not the moderators.

Not someone I am generally impressed by anymore but Oprah managed to sit down and discuss race with a KKK leader without either resorting to flaming or personal attacks.

We should all be able to maintain basic civility no matter what the topic. If someone is rude, deliberately or otherwise, the correct response is to say "that's rude" not "and you are a so an so who deserves to be blanked" nor even a sly underhanded insult. As soon as the responder escalates they are equally guilty.





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Sean had a depth of insight and scope from the left which is rare.


Did Unionist really leave? His appearances were very spotty for a long time; he might just have more compelling things to do. I certainly miss him.


lagatta4 wrote:

Did Unionist really leave? His appearances were very spotty for a long time; he might just have more compelling things to do. I certainly miss him.

Unionist hasn't left - he just hasn't posted much recently.

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Greetings everybody; I'm still alive and kicking.

I think, for me anyways, it's mostly due to burn out. I do check in everynow and then but I see its the same old same old with the same old spamers and less people whom really want to talk and listen...

 Oh and (for the love of God please) Biden 2020 8=)

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I am resurrecting this thread to ask, where is Old Goat who usally takes over as moderator for the holidays.

Plus I want to send out holiday greetings to all still posting and those who have taken a break. Best wishes for 2021 you fabulous babblers.


I'm sorry Oldgoat wasn't able to moderate this year (health reasons) so you're stuck with me. Disappointing since he's a holiday favourite, but also a bummer because I don't get a break this year. Hopefully Oldgoat will be back next year.


I wish him a speedy recovery!

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Me too, to echo Bacchus. And thanks for working through the holidays, Meg. It is appreciated. Happy New Year to all who are here and to Old Goat.


You're very welcome laine lowe. I will let him know that you're thinking of him and wishing him and all of us a happy New Year.


Just adding my voice to thank Meg for working through the holiday and to wish Oldgoat a full and rapid recovery.