Which Fictional Character(s) do You Resemble?

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Which Fictional Character(s) do You Resemble?





Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory. But not quite that extreme and - I like to think - without the arrogance. (The resemblance isn't physical! I'm talking about the way he behaves and thinks and feels.)


Sheldon Cooper


Funny; that's just how I picture you.




Okay that's not right. The kids in school said I looked a little like Billy Broad/idol, and so I guess I tried to look a little like him. I could never get my hair as straight and spiked like that though as it was too wavey. Looked like I had bloody horns even with a ball cap on. Sandy blond and bigger nostrils, pale blues that need glasses for far away now. Yeah, I guess that was me then. I was prolly almost as skinny then, too. Never played any musical instruments though I could simulate a fart with my armpit. Ya that was me. Real mature.

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As a kid before I wore glasses I looked like this guy ...

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Back in the day my hair looked like this if I blowdried it:

...lighter and less red though.



Last year someone told me I look like Major Hogan, and 35 years ago someone said I look like Jim Rockford.  If Cueball (who looks like Hawkeye Pierce, as played by Donald Sutherland) were here, he'd laugh at the comparisons.

But I'm not necessarily talking about physical resemblace.  Who are you like?

I think I'm a mix of Prince Myshkin and Seymour from Ghost World.


How about you?


I bear a vague resemblance to Ripple.

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This man is certainly not fictional and I don't wear hats or carry a rifle but the rest is about right.


This is about right:


Hh! hhhhhh...'allow!

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Sam Spade, as played by this guy: