Wooing the Trekkie vote

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Wooing the Trekkie vote

Looks like NDP MP Finn Donnelly has managed to get some celebrity support for his private member's bill to regulate salmon farming. It appears Captain Kirk will be addressing a press conference on Thursday (June 10) in support of Donnelly's bill.

I am wondering if this is becoming part of some general NDP strategy... trying to woo the Trekkie / Star Wars / fanboy vote? Is Anakin Skywalker going to be the next to come out in favour of NDP proposals?

It's an interesting tactic, but I am not sure it is likely to have big results unless things are changed to allow for on-line voting.

Of course there is the challenge of finding a Canadian born actor from LOTR to get a lock on this previously untapped vote...

[And yes, I know they refer to themselves as Trekkers, not Trekkies... but I like tweaking their noses]

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Hahahahaha. Awesome.


Glad to see the NDP creating space for salmon.


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Patrick Stewart once played Lenin on film, rather sympathetically as I recall, and called himself a socialist on a US talk show while he was still acting as Captain Picard on TNG.

Mind you, with an OBE, he's probably had to take an oath of loyalty to HRH Elizabeth II. Then again, so does every Canadian public servant. lol.


Well Hayden Christiansen, the actor who played Anakin in SW 1-3 is Canadian. But I don't think his support would win over many die hard Star Wars fans!



Yeah, because those wannabe Star Wars episodes really suck.


Maybe those missing salmon are out there?

Beam them in Scottie.


Next step:

Get Shantner to make a live appearance. Jack can accompany him on the guitar,

Lucy in the sky with salmon.


I'm in for that!!

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I don't think people are understanding the true awesomeness of this coup.

Shatner is from Montreal! I can't believe the NDP has finally found a spokesperson who is widely recognized, everyone has a strong opinion about, and has reached such a point in his career (Celine Dion, are you paying attention?) that he can endorse any wacky Canadian cause and not give a shit! Perfect!

As for Anakin, my sense is he's not much of a team player. 

George Victor

The wacky cause, in this case, is to attempt to protect young salmon (smolt) from the lice generated at these farms.  Keep them away from river mouths. Do something to prevent extirpation of the wild salmon thereabouts.  Fits with  Shatner's flick where saving a whale saved Earth...remember?  The hidden environmentalist adopts his green costume!


I don't know about this; it goes against the Prime Directive.

Ken Burch

bagkitty wrote:


I am wondering if this is becoming part of some general NDP strategy... trying to woo the Trekkie / Star Wars / fanboy vote? Is Anakin Skywalker going to be the next to come out in favour of NDP proposals?


Given his tendencies towards reckless, selfish choices, his advocacy of militaristic approaches to problem solving and bearing in mind who he ends up becoming, Anakin would almost certainly be a Tory(or an Ignatieff Liberal, assuming there's a difference).





Montreal-born William Shatner will direct and produce a TV movie about his early life and rise to fame on Star Trek that will screen on Movie Central next year.

The veteran actor, also known for his role on Boston Legal, revealed his involvement in the project Tuesday, as he accepted a lifetime achievement award at the Banff World Television Festival in Alberta.

Shatner joked that the movie, tentatively titled The Captains, would be a lesson in "what not to do."

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/tv/story/2010/06/16/shatner-banff-documentary.html#ixzz0r29iIhgj

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Live long and prosper would make an excellent NDP campaign slogan.

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It may be copyrighted.


Property is theft. Wink

Lachine Scot

"Federalist" has too much baggage nowadays, I advocate that the NDP adopt "Federationism"!


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"Federationist" - LOL! Laughing


Now if we could only get harper to adop the Prime Directive and eschew the Borg.