Your 10 best in music

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Your 10 best in music


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Mine, in no particular order:

Bob Dylan

Harry Belafonte

The Beatles

Miriam Makeba

Peter, Paul, and Mary


Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

Joni Mitchell

Buffy St. Marie

Leonard Cohen

(my list of favourites changes often...)


Friday night it was Tupac, Buffalo Springfield, Amanda Marshall, The Cranberries, The Black Eyed Peas, Metallica, The Beatles, Merle Haggard, Bruno Mars, and Lady Antebellum.  No particular order.

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I loved Buffalo Springfield for a while - still have at least one cassette by them. Merle Haggard, Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson will be on my next list.


Good thread, Boom Boom.

Here are mine, in no particular order: Neutral Milk Hotel, The Magnetic Fields, The Hold Steady, The Rolling Stones, Spiritualized, Lifter Puller, The Mountain Goats, Yo La Tengo, Manic Streat Preachers, Elliott Smith.

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Some great bands here. I don't know that I can do this anymore. My top ten can change hourly. And making it bands is extra tough. Songs and albums I could do maybe (except for my faves who don't have albums). I used to love making lists but now it just doesn't seem as important as it did to my 21-year-old self. That said, this is a babble thread and babble expects Catchfire to do his duty.

Velvet Underground
Jelly Roll Morton
The Beach Boys
Neutral Milk Hotel (In the Aeroplane over the Sea only)
Woody Guthrie
Mid-2000s era Montreal Indie rock [/cheat]
The Clash
The Jesus & Mary Chain
Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
Adele [/troll]


Catchfire wrote:


Neutral Milk Hotel (In the Aeroplane over the Sea only)

Catchfire, you're not a fan of On Avery Island? It's not the epic masterpiece that is In the Aeroplane over teh Sea but there are still some great songs on there.


I reached in my desk drawer and pulled out the the top 10 cds

John Coltrane

Bob Dylan

Billy Bragg

The Band

Miles Davis

Fairport Convention

The Tea Party


Brad Mehldau Trio

Thelonious Monk.

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Mr. Tea wrote:
Catchfire, you're not a fan of On Avery Island?

It's a fine record. Just like The Arcade Fire's Us Kids Know is a fine record. But there's only one reason NMH is on my list, and it ain't On Avery Island. I almost included (and on another day likely would have) included The Stone Roses with a similar disclaimer.


Boom Boom wrote:
Merle Haggard, Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson will be on my next list.

There's the older stuff from young Merle to do with prisons, fugitives and substance abuse, and then there's the detestable and relatively younger stuff from an older Merle, where he lamented over everything from pot smokers, to protesters, to women who don't cook anymore.

Hurtin Albertan

Hmmm, if I had to pick only 10 artists?  In no particular order...

Velvet Underground

Johhny Cash

Buck Owens


The Clash

Dead Kennedys


Tom Lehrer


John Lee Hooker

A lot tougher than I thought it would be, but these 10 artists would keep me happy if stranded on a desert island.  Ask me again tomorrow and it might be a different list.




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First draft:



Public Enemy


Bob Marley

Johnny Cash

Alanis Morrisette

Whitney Houston

Smashing Pumpkins

[s]Loretta Lynn[/s] ugh



I was never inclined to be exclusive in my appreciation of certain types of music just because it happens to be commercial and overplayed, or geared toward teenagers, or some of the earlier stuff that much older people sometimes prefer.  At the same time not every piece of music is set down with my tastes in mind either, i.e. not intended to speak to my interests or experience.  It doesn't necessarily make it crap if I experience some difficulty in coming to terms with it.  The nice thing about talent is that it is capable of surfacing from anywhere, even out of the corporate music industry.


As some one who has over 500 vinyl albums and over 11,000 tunes on the computer I am using right now I find the idea of picking ten to be rather difficult and pointless.

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hey it's Banter - we can be as pointless as we want to be! Laughing


Well in that case, you haven't heard anything until you've listened to Metallica's 'And Justice for All' album.


Boom Boom wrote:

hey it's Banter - we can be as pointless as we want to be! Laughing

Yup and I can banter that it is pointless.




Here goes:

Nina Hagen

Frank Zappa

Blue Oyster Cult

Grateful Dead

Luke Doucet


Neko Case

Go Home Productions (remixer not artist but hey)

P.D.Q. Bach

The Soup Dragons


ten is a tough one...











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I've never heard anything by Metallica, Guns 'n Roses, or the group Sammy Hagar is in, whoever they are. On the other hand, I saw Black Sabbath live in Ottawa around the time of their first or second album. Too effing loud.

Hurtin Albertan

Metallica's early stuff is their best IMO.  Justice for All or Master of Puppets for the win.

I remember a few years back hanging out with my oldest brother and one of his friends.  His friend could do awesome acoustic versions of a lot of Metallica songs.  We got to talking about the Master of Puppets album.  My brother said he listened to it at university.  I said I listened to it in high school.  His friend listened to it in junior high.  We all thought it was kind of funny the way we all were into the same album at different stages of our lives.

Anyways I have a very eclectic taste in music, I have my oldest brother to thank for that.

I've never understood how a person can listen to only 1 kind of music to the exclusion of all others.  Oh well takes all kinds of people to make up the world I guess.

I'll have to start using this thread as a source of new music.  Confidence is high that I'll find some keepers among the artists I have never heard of or listened to before.

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I used to have a nice collection of classical, but I just found myself being drawn more and more to blues, folk, and rock, and some pop. Easier to listen to, for one thing. I used to like jazz, too, but it demands really careful listening. I always have too much going on to ever relax enough to listen to anything too deep.

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Can't believe I left Joan Baez and the Beach Boys off my list. They'll be on my next list in March.

ETA: Mahalia Jackson, too. Not Michael Jackson!