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You're getting sleepy...



[url= called back to Quebec school after student stuck in trance[/url]


It was an end-of-year school activity featuring a hypnotism show and it didn’t go quite as planned.
A Quebec all-girls high school said the activity went awry as numerous students had problems after the show – including one girl who remained stuck in a trance for four hours.


Some were in a daze with their eyes open. At least two were reportedly conked out on a table.

If this had happened at my high school I don't know how anyone would have noticed anything was wrong.


I was browsing the urban dictionary and found they have an entry for my handle with several definitions, to wit:


  • A very lazy guy who falls asleep at the slightest availability of comfortable seating position.
  • A lumberjack who passed out from lack of sleep and killed himself with his own chainsaw.
  • Someone who falls asleep wearing flannel (shirts, pajamas, etc.) or uses a flannel blanket.

There are others listed, but I hesitate to go into those here.