“Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianis

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It's still quiet in here. And thank you to all of the usual babblers for your contributions. It's a dirty job is this fascism watch, but someone has to do it. Keep the resistance alive.

The Stasification of America

On the Four Georges
"George the First was always reckon'd
Vile - but viler George the Second;
And what mortal ever heard
Any good of George the Third?
When from earth the Fourth descended,
God be praised, the Georges ended."
Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864).

And then came crazy Georges I & II in America and were followed everywhere thereafter by obedient lapdogs in Ottawa.

U.K. Gets US-Style "Fusion Centres" 


You really know how to wrap up a thread on an unanswerable note, Fidel. How do you deal with waiting for that midnight knock on the door?


I wonder if we'll have US-style Fusion Centres in Canada under herr Harper? Apparently every state in the US has them now and are used for spying on the lives of Americans constantly. They are typically two three story buildings above ground and seven or eight below ground. Fascism is a colossal waste of human resources and money.

Democracy should more appropriately be referred to as corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power. - George Washington


Just heard Michael Enright interview Chris Hedges on his new book, The World As It Is. Hedges said he recently spoke to a very ill Sheldon Wolin at his home, and was confirmed in his own dark perspective. The U.S. could indeed flip into a totalitarian state given the current rate of institutional breakdown and the depth of ignorance about the real world.

Mind you, Hedges uses a more current set of descriptors than yourself, does not depend so much on hidden intelligence networks - more on degeneration of media networks - but you partner with him in a way. But Hedges would never be caught erroneously quoting George Washington carrying on about corporatism and the merger of states and corporate power. That would tend to cause his readers to doubt the veracity of his other work.

Hedges says that verifiable fact is always needed to protect us from manipulation.


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