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Charlessummer, a new babbler, had a neat idea - what if we were to have a book exchange?

Maybe we could list the books we have and are willing to exchange, and we can trade with each other either through private mail on babble or publicly. It would be a cheap source of books since the postage would cost even less than a lot of books cost at second hand book stores.

What do babblers think?


Aie! I'm a book hoarder. I suppose there's a few I could part with though. If other people get on board, I'll post a catalog.


If anyone's expecting children any time soon, I have the following:

[url= to Expect the First Year[/url]

[url= to Expect When You're Expecting[/url]

[url= to Eat When You're Expecting[/url]

All three are by Heidi Murkoff and Arlene Eisenberg.


Other books:

[url= Winners and Losers in the Global Economy - Edward Luttwak[/url]
[url= Logo - Naomi Klein[/url]
[url= Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap - Peggy Orenstein[/url]
[url= the Take - Stevie Cameron[/url]
[url= Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe[/url]


Flux: Women on Sex, Work, Love, Kids and Life in a Half-Changed World by Peggy Orenstein.
The Whole Woman, Germaine Greer
Class Warfare in the Information Age, Michael Perelman
The Undeclared War: Class Conflict in the Age of Cyber Capitalism, James Laxer

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Feel free to borrow any of these, just PM me, or post, or whatever you like:

[LIST]These are one's I've already read: [*][url=]Global Showdown[/url], Maude Barlow & Tony Clarke (It's signed by Clarke, too! except it's in pencil, so if you borrow it, [b]please[/b] don't erase it!!!)[*][url=]Bastards & Boneheads[/url], Will Ferguson[*][url=]Egotists and Autocrats[/url], George Bowering[*][url=]Jan Wong's China[/url], Jan Wong[*][url=]Great Questions of Canada[/url], Neil Bissoondath, Barry Cooper, Allan Gotlieb, Jack Granatstein, Charlotte Gray, Michael Ignatieff, Naomi Klein, Guy Laforest, Ovide Mercredi, Peter C. Newman, Bob Rae, Janice Gross Stein[*][url=]Feel This Book[/url], Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo[/LIST]Then I have a bunch that I haven't read yet, and won't be able to get around to for a while yet, so feel free to ask for them anyhow:[LIST][*][url=]Trudeau and Our Times: The Heroic Delusion[/url], Christina McCall, Stephen Clarkson [*][url=]Trudeau and Our Times: The Magnificent Obsession[/url], Christina McCall, Stephen Clarkson [*][url=]Midnight Diaries[/url], Boris Yeltsin[*][url=]Towards a Just Society[/url], Pierre Trudeau, Thomas Axworthy[*][url=]The Spirit of Islamic Law[/url], Bernard G. Weiss[*][url=]Red China Blues[/url], Jan Wong[*][url=]The Friendly Dictatorship[/url], That ass, Jeffrey Simpson[*][url=]Promises, Promises[/url], Anthony Hyde[*][url=]Canada Among Nations 2000: Vanishing Borders[/url], Maureen Appel Molot, Fen Osler Hampson [*][url=]Comparing Federal Systems[/url], Ronals Watts [*][url=]The Rights Revolution[/url], Michael Ignatieff[*][url=]The Nature of Economies[/url], Jane Jacobs[*][url=]Looking Left: Socialism in Europe after the Cold War[/url], Donald Sassoon[*][url=]A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles[/url], Thomas Sowell[*][url=]The Soong Dynasty[/url], Sterling Seagrave[*][url=]The Changing Global Order: World Leaders Reflect[/url][*][url=]Thunder From the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia[/url], Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn [*]The Czech Republic and Economic Transition in Eastern Europe, Jan Svejnar[*][url=]Canada & the United State: Ambivalent Allies[/url], John Her Thompson, Stephen J. Randall[*][url=]Counterweights: The Failure of Canada's German and European Policy 1955-1995[/url], Roy Rempel[*][url=]World Orders: Old and New[/url], Noam Chomsky[*][url=]Wrestling With the Elephant[/url], Gordon Ritchie[*][url=]The Antagonist: Lucien Bouchard and the Politics of Delusion[/url], Lawrence Martin (yeah, total propaganda, I know [especially since it was Chrйtien's biographer that wrote it] but it was $1.99! How could I resist?)[*][url=]Against the Current[/url], Pierre Trudeau (again, a cheap one)[*][url=]The Canadian Way: Shaping Canada's Foreign Policy[/url], Ivan Head, Pierre Trudeau[*][url=]America's Problems: Social Issues and Public Policy[/url], Elliott Currie, Jerome H. Skolnick (it's not as thick as I imagine it could be)[*]Moral Philosophy: Theories & Ideas, Emmett Barcalow[*][url=]Chrйtien: Volume 1[/url], Lawrence Martin (Hell, you can [b]HAVE[/b] that one, if you want it! It's just taking up much needed room on my bookshelf)[/LIST]Also, if you want to start learning Spanish, Japanese, Russian or Norwegian, let me know.
Anyway, I've got a lot more, but I'm too lazy to dig them up.
Oh, and right now I'm reading [url=]Lunch With Jan Wong[/url], by Jan Wong, and I'll be done soon, if someone would like to take a look at that [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

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I bought [url= once in the hopes of a chance...

It's hardly been touched, and would be better suited for something later in life anyways... Free net of shipping, I guess, to a good home *sigh*

Getting used to the idea of parting is a problem too - with books! with books [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] - but I guarantee I'll pry myself into putting something better up eventually though, as soon as I can.

Very cool lists Michelle and meades!


Hang on to it Charles, don't give up. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

Anyway, this is an idea with merit. I have lots of good kids books from the early years on up which I wouldn't mind seeing go to a good home. I was just clearing out a bunch of old university texts, of which I suppose many are dated, but some still may be relevant. The middle ages hasn't changed that much.

Also, books on Statistical Methods!!! The ideal gift for that "special" someone. Let me know before I set fire to them.

Mohamad Khan

hmmm...Michelle, i wouldn't mind taking Achebe off your hands if i have any books that you might be interested in.

[b][url= Satanic Verses[/url] -- Salman Rushdie[/b]

mint condition. i technically own three copies of this, my favourite novel, so i should [i]probably[/i] get rid of this paperback...but i value it very highly, so you'll have to talk me into it.

[b][url= -- Iceberg Slim[/b]

[b][url='s Wake[/url] -- James Joyce[/b]
don't ask why...

[b][url= of Girls and Women[/url] -- Alice Munro[/b]
i have the Penguin edition tho'.

[b][url= Double Hook[/url] -- Sheila Watson[/b]

[b][url= Lunch[/url] -- William S. Burroughs[/b]

[b][url= Noise[/url] -- Don DeLillo[/b]

[b][url= Clockwork Orange[/url] -- Anthony Burgess[/b]
the Penguin, again.

[b][url= -- Samuel Beckett[/b]

[b][url= Light of Day[/url] -- Anita Desai[/b]
the Vintage edition.

[b][url= Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon[/url] -- Pablo Neruda[/b]

and i'll leave it at that for now...


Ooooh! I've been wanting to read The Satanic Verses for years now, and I keep not getting it...

If you could be persuaded to part with one of your copies (doesn't have to be your mint copy, I would be happy with your least favorite in any condition as long as it's readable), then I would be happy to trade my Achebe for it.

Things Fall Apart is such an awesome book - it's one of my current favorites, but I've read it quite a few times already, which is why I'm willing to trade it. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] If you want to trade it, private message me with your address and I'll mail it to you and give you my address as well.


Vicky's literary pet peeve:


Finnegan's Wake -- James Joyce

there is NO apostrophe in [b]Finnegans Wake[/b]!

Good list, though.


Oh god I've got hundreds I could lend out. I just jumped on this thread (upon seeing it) like a fly on a windowsill...

Ummm...loads on early medieval history, a couple of goodies on early merovingian history, loads of Laurell K. Hamilton, loads on Religious theory...and feminism. Adam Eve and the Serpent was interesting. Loads on near eastern mythology.

I can't list 'em all. I'd get carpal tunnel [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

But...I may be paged.


I don't even want to try and list my books either [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img] But I have political-economic books by Batra, McQuaig, Krugman, Laxer, and Hellyer.

Plus a raftload of odds-and-ends fiction and science fiction (most of my s.f. is by Asimov)


Religious theory, you say? Oooh, one of my favorite subjects! Anything interesting about the history of religious thought? Anything by Elaine Pagels, for instance, or people who write on similar subjects? Oh, whoops, I didn't notice that you mentioned Adam, Eve, and the Serpent by Pagels! Oooooh!

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Oh, one more- [url=]The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels[/url], by Thomas Cahill. It was [i]really[/i] good! I've got the paperback version though- y'know, it's odd, I can't find a single book by Cahill in hardcover here in the Sault. [img]confused.gif" border="0[/img]


Bumping this up for Trinitty...Trinitty, wanna trade my Fast Food Nation for something of yours?

I actually like pulp fiction too - this thread is pretty full of semi-scholarly works. I'll list my pulp fiction in a little while. Maybe people should also post lists of books that they WANT, like Trinitty did in the other thread with Fast Food Nation, so that anyone who has that book can speak up.


You're a peach!

Boy, now I need to list the books I own. My dude is a biblophile, and hoards them, but we could do an exchange, as I kinda know you.... and he's not here anyways. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

I'd love to take you up on that offer, I'll catalogue the books tonight and PM them to you.

Off the top of my head,

You might like the American Way of Birth, it's very well written by Jessica Midford, it's not about babies or anything, it's the political and historical treatment of women who are pregnant. I personally think it's a feminist must.

I think we have a copy of Malus Maleficarum (sp?) that was the hand book used by the "witch-hunters". We have the Satanic Verses too, but sounds like you can get it off of Mohammed. Lots on demonology.

Pulp fiction.... I have lots of Steven King, a couple Dean Koontz, Micheal Chreiton (sp), etc.

I'll list them and let you know.


That book, The American Way of Birth sounds interesting, but I think I'm a bit burned out reading about the politics of childbirth. It would likely be an exercise in "preaching to the choir" for me to read it. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Say, you don't have any Kathy Reichs books, have you? She's the one who is basically Canada's answer to Patricia Cornwell. I keep meaning to pick up her books, but my budget doesn't really allow for buying new books at the moment. Man, they're expensive.

Mohamad, I haven't heard from you - are you still interested in the Achebe book? If you've changed your mind about your copy of The Satanic Verses, I could always trade with Trinitty and then get something else off you. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]


*with a start* Politics of childbirth books? Where, where?

My good Mom is working on her doctoral dissertation on just such things... I came across The American Way of Birth for her so she has it already, but if anyone has [i]anything[/i] else at all - not practical expecting books of course, she understandably called it a day after coming up with me [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img] - but this sort of thing I would [i]so[/i] be up for a trade.


[url=]Catch and release books![/url]

[url=]Go hunt for a book released in your area[/url]; 2,426 books "in the wild" in Canada today.


Ah, here it is, I was looking for this thread.

A notice to babblers. There's a good organization that you can donate books to. [url=]Network of East-West Women[/url], specifically to its Book and Journal Project, chaired by Ann Snitow. The B&JP people send books for free to interested individuals and organizations in ex-communist countries, Central Asia, parts of Africa, and in effect wherever it is possible and wherever publications in English are difficult to come by.

It started as feminist theory centred collection, but now the Book Project sends almost anything that the people might need. Most of the users are still women, women's centres, alternative educational institutions. Here's what Ann's assistant Bob told me in a recent email:

"What we're always looking for are feminist books (naturally!) and anything else related to women, family, domestic abuse, globalization, etc etc. Also, a lot of centres have been asking for us stuff on girls and the problems they face."

I used to be the user (even after I moved to the West) and must say that probably I'd never have graduated from anything without the NEWW. It's an organization that has changed lives of many Eastern European women.

Now I am happy that I can donate a bit. I work for a publishing company which has connections with many other small publishing companies that publish just the right books.

Also, I don't think they have any Canadian reps or too many titles coming from Canada. Time to change that, eh?


PS: I forgot to include the address to which the books can be sent:

Ann Snitow
167 Spring Street
NY, NY 10012

Also, if you want to discuss titles you have or anything else with Bob, here's his address: [email protected]


Bumping this for fun, and so I can move it to the babble book lounge.


Excellant idea and I certainly have a lot of books that I can pass around. Including ones where I stupidly bought the book a second time


Heh. You and your book addiction. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Probably the easiest way to go about this is for people to post the books they would LIKE to read, and then others can volunteer if they have that book and would be willing to trade for something...


Book addiction is right Michelle. Seriously. I think I must be OCD about it or something but I am compelled to constantly buy books. It takes great effort to limit myself to one or two a week when I visit Nicholas Hoare before myfriday D&D game or when I drift the Sleuth of Baker Street or Bakka Books (which is now so very near one of my clients I visit several times a week *sigh*)

My first offer is for "How Not to Live Abroad" by Shaun Briley and is his acccount of him and his gf trying to live in the spanish countryside . *sigh* I accidentally bought it twice. Something Shelfari at least alerts me too