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George Victor
Breakthrough in U.S. literary review


George Victor

Haven't seen the name Eugene Debs since my research in labour history many moons ago.

Perhaps a sign of democratic restiveness in even middle class reading circles? Bravado? It's only California after all?

New from the California Literary Review :

Eugene Debs and the Fight for Free Speech

Debs was the great voice of socialism in the United States for the first two decades of the 20th century, a five-time presidential candidate for a third-party crusade against capitalism. He was a homegrown rebel, born and raised in Indiana, and a powerful speaker who knew how to translate socialism into an American idiom.


Wikipedia was pretty interesting. The essential issues were summarized quite nicely. Debs would possibly have been very supportive of groups like rablle calling for electoral reform and new politics.

He differed from the Wobblies who were apparently "apolitical" - they wanted an entirely new system run by the workers and didn't think there was much point to supporting political parties.

Debs did much of his campaigning from jail! He was quite successful garnering about 6% of the vote at one point.

He died prior to the great recession and his party never regained support like it had in the twenties.

Read more here:

[url=http://ttp://]DEbs bio[/url]