CBC's Canada Reads is a bit of a horrorshow

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Some have the nerve to accuse others of lying, from what they read coming out of Iran.



Huh? You seem to be taking sides on  what you read "coming out of Iran"--though its not entirely clear what side.

Are you saying that the signators are lying about their prison experiences, even though they depict  Evin prison as even worse and more restrictive than the book?   That is certainly possible,  though the motive is not clear to me--perhaps you could explain?

This is the site's main page for the documents linked above at the U of Toronto, if it helps with your evaluation:



Especially because she has become a figure in Canadian human rights circles, I ask Nemat whether she had any qualms about accepting the invitation to the Jerusalem book fair - as well as a second invite from the Israeli Tourism Ministry to return next month as its guest - given the movement in Canada to impose an economic, cultural and academic boycott on Israel. "No qualms at all," she replies, adding that her decision was even supported by some of her Palestinian friends.

"I cannot say that I understand the situation between the Palestinians and Israel one hundred percent," she says. "And I see this as an opportunity to study the issue more closely." But whatever the nature of the disagreement, Nemat posits, "there is always the possibility to sit down and talk it out....

Yep, annexation, oppression and dispossession is difficult for anyone dedicated to human rights to figure out.
However, another trip to Israel paid for by the Tourism Ministry should sort it all out.