Chris Hedges newest, The World As It Is: Dispatches on the myth of human progress

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"Those who do not rebel in our age of totalitarian capitalism and who convince themselves that there is no alternative to collaboration are complicit in their own enslavement. They commit spiritual and moral suicie," says Hedges, with which I agree.

But many essays into his book, which he's dedicated to his four kids (we thought upping the population by one was sorta greedy) I'm still looking for his roadmap out. Selling lots of books has to be rewarding, but for the unemployed would-be working stiff there's.....what ?


That's where we're heading anyway Gaian, back to the future.  The living everywhere and locally more and more resemble a bent over society, dragging themselves along just like it once was.  The local is where the global rubber hits the road so to speak.  It is where things are directly maintained, enforced, monitored, catalogued and registered for compliance.  You can't hope to tackle these problems everywhere.


I hadn't taken you for a complete nihilist before, Sj. Just one who doesn't read much that one could pass on to the kids,who don't need another Eeyore, you know ?


Here's a really early social gospeler,John Donne, over the top some four centuries later, but representing the message from the mount that was the common Christian message right up until Hedges' youth. It's the brand that he understood... Nov. 23, 1628 : "He that oppresses the poor digs in a dunghill for worms...Certainly he that sears (dries) up himself, and makes himself insensible of the cries and curses of the poor here in this world, does but prepare himself for the howlings and gnashings of teeth in the world to come...he feeds but on dust that oppresses the poor."

Today's evangelical is just as likely to say the poor just aren't on the right track with the lord. I've seen them actually put them down as losers. Natural supporters of neo-con born-again winners.


Closing for length.


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