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siamdave wrote:

The NDP's complete failure to engage with issues like who creates our money is, to me, somewhat suspicious ...

[url=]Just Making Change: the 100 percent honest to goodness truth about our financial system and how to escape it[/url] (two editions from the late 1990s) Edited by then NDP MP Lorne Nystrom and long-time NDPer [url=]Henri Sader[/url] There is a chapter in the book which does mention how increasingly indebted to private lenders Canada has become since remaining federal power of money creation was privatized and points out that there are better uses for the Bank of Canada. It was the first time I ever encountered the subject of money creation and credit in Canada actually. Have you read it?

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Re-reading this thread, it was rather depressing to contemplate this...

remind wrote:

It was good to see..and hear.

And considering he was the only one that sounded pratical and rational, and on side of regular Canadians, I believe it was especially hard hitting, or has the potential to be, if he keeps it up.


So far as I know, Jim Stanford was never to be seen again, but Kevin O'Leary, the archbishop of avarice, is ubiquitous on the CBC schedule.


Our state media is pushing nothing but the empire's agenda now.