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fans of margaret laurence!



I've always been a fan of this novel, the setting, the story, like "the notebook" but so much more. If anyone hasn't been in the loop lol, the book has been made into a movie with "Juno's" Ellen Paige, and of course Elyn Burstyn in the title role. A little corny that it comes out on Mother's day, but i think it would make a great gift - especially if you grew up with this book (like me! lol). [url= trailer is here if anyone's interested.[/url]


Thanks so much for this - hadn't heard. I can't see how it could possibly be as good as the book, but I'd love to be surprised! The trailer looks fine.


I can't say I am - The Stone Angel just about made my brain implode from boredom in high school. [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img] I suppose I might appreciate it more now.

martin dufresne

Forgive me if I don't hold my breath... [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]


"I had a chance to see a screening of this movie recently. I believe that it will be in theaters in Canada some time around Mother's Day. If it is in a theater near you... GO! It's not a funny feel-good movie - it's more along the lines of a feel and think movie.

The director does an excellent job of character development - letting you into the heart, mind and hurts of Hagar little by little. At first, her attitudes and behaviors don't make much sense. As her story unfolds, she becomes someone you can understand. As in life... understanding brings empathy. I found her likable by the end of the movie - particularly when she opens up her heart to the young man in the shack by the lake.

Hagar's relationship with her two sons is painful - and reflective of so many of our own experiences in this world. Her youngest son, John, who is full of life and adventure takes the viewer to the very edge of their seat - and into the kind of raw emotion that is so authentic and rare.

It's fun to see Ellen Page acting in this movie. She is so very different than the young woman that she plays in Juno. It gives me an even broader appreciation for her acting ability. If you loved her in Juno, you'll love her in The Stone Angel.

Of course, there is Ellen Burnstyn as Hagar. There is likely no way of expressing the power of acting as strongly as the ability for the actor to make you forget every other character they have ever played. Never once in the course of this movie did I ever think of Ellen Burnstyn - I always and only thought of Hagar. She swept me into her character - hook, line and sinker.

Kari Skogland's capacity to capture on film this renowned book by one of Canada's most cherished authors is impressive. She brilliantly brings to the screen both the stoney and angelic parts of this complex woman, Hagar - the stone angel."



Sorry guys, i'm going to ahve to agree with genkav. This novel was great, and from what i've heard, the movie has done a great job at presenting the ideas, characters, and themes of the novel. I am STOKED for the film, and i am hardly ever stoked.

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It would be great to see this film with Manitoba literary friends, some of whom may have know Laurence when she was alive. Thanks for the reminder.

[url=]Here's a short biography of Margaret Laurence.[/url]


thanks for the full bio.