Five Paragons: A Visionary History of our Dawning Holistic Paradigm

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Five Paragons: A Visionary History of our Dawning Holistic Paradigm

Greetings!  I am humbled to be able to announce the on-line launch of my e-book Five Paragons of Peace: Magic and Magnificence in the Guru's Way.

I am sure this book is not going to be everybody's cup of tea.  What sex there is, happens between plants, and I have really toned down the violence.  But what you end up with is a pretty thoroughly referenced history of our social evolution - worldwide - into a culture with a growing appreciation of the value of life in all its infinite manifestations, the caprice of happenstance, the virtue of selfless service, the glory of the human body, and the power of meditation.

History buffs may enjoy a chronology of 800-some defining events since 1200 that have contributed to our dawning paradigm of holism and empowerment.

For those unfamiliar with Sikh tradition, there is a particular focus on the magic, wisdom and heroism that may be found there, that takes up about 15% of the book.

Included are visits with quantum physicists and dolphin researchers, the histories of skopsti and castrati, bios of Arudhati Roy and Anita Roddick, and a good deal more.

This is an optimistic and hopeful vision, thoroughly researched.  If you don't like happy outcomes, you won't like this.  But if you do, you can check out some reviews here and download it for a donation:

I hope you enjoy your read.  You can comment here or visit the Facebook group "Five Paragons of Peace."

Thank you.

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Wow!  Now I am even more humbled.  Haha!