Getting my A, B, and C's - Have multivitamins become a basic food group?

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Stargazer wrote:

Sineed wrote:
I've heard about foods losing their nutrients and personally take a multivitamin. Taking large doses of any one vitamin to treat disease is more scientifically dubious. Women should have more iron and calcium due to blood loss and their higher risk for osteoporosis, respectively.

Though if foods have gotten less nutritious over the last 50 years, why are kids bigger than ever? I don't mean obesity; I mean height. Seems commonplace these days for teenage boys to be well over six feet.


Good question Sineed. Why are young females developing earlier than ever? Why are they getting bigger (not heavier)? I am convinced it is because of the growth hormones that are pumped into factory farm animals - cows, chickens, pigs, etc... There have been studies on this.

I wonder if it's only that.

Back when I took history in high school, teachers would often make the [snarky imo] comment that using lead for cutlery contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire.

What will they say about us in 500 years?

[In Chinese] "Part of what ended the British American age was the pollution of abiotic chemicals, tobacco, carbon combustion exhausts, endocrine disruptors of various kinds, mercury, high fructose corn syrup..."

Maybe that history teacher will be speaking for a very long time. Then a 14 year old will raise his hand and ask "How could they be so stupid? Weren't they advanced enough to develop the hydrogen bomb?"


And as economic historian Michael Hudson might say, Chinese historians a millenia from now will point to all kinds of reasons for the decline of Anglo-American empire except those reasons identified by empire historians themselves, which was geometrically increasing debt and usury.