The Global Fight for Climate Justice

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The Global Fight for Climate Justice

Good to read you again, M. From Ian Angus' introduction:


This system, as Karl Marx said, is like a vengeful god that demands human sacrifices before it deigns to bless its worshippers.

And now, when their god has taken us to the edge of global catastrophe, the system's faithful acolytes insist that only minor repairs are needed, that everything will be all right if we just rejig the tax code, or let corporations trade pollution credits, or have fewer babies.

Human sacrifices are an integral part of capitalism. It's a barbaric system only marginally better than colonialism. In fact, it resembles the former in many ways.

And scientists have said this is probably the most crucial period for mankind if we hope to progress to the next phase of human development, ie to a type I civilization on the Kardashev scale. The next 100 years is critical, and we either make it or we dont. Not achieving type I will be catastrophic, another failed experiment in a dark corner of the Milky Way. Socialismo o muerte - lights out for humanity at some point unless real change occurs. Some say society requires a massive cultural or economic shock before change is possible.

"Your professor is right. At the precipice we change" - Klaatu, Day the Earth Stood Still





Gotta admit the contributer list is pretty impressive and it's an impressive table-o-contents...I think I'd like a copy.  It currently has "Watch this space for ordering information" ...I'll post in this thread if I notice that changes.  July 2009 is what it has listed for a publication date.


Failed experiment, Fidel? Who's test subject are we? Heh, and I hate that Kardashev scale... It's good to know we've taken the time to determine the Borg are type 3. (Mostly I disagree with the generic level type I is considered to be...mastery of resources shouldn't be secondary to energy output).