God: The Failed Hypothesis

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...cause that sure as shit doesn't feed their children or stop the machete swing and it certainly hasn't shown itself as a something that defeats hate.

Alright the praying bit is unimportant, but...

Religion has motivated many good people to do many good things. It inspired the liberation theologians of latin America, has convinced Isreali Rabbis to help disinfranchised Palistinians in the West Bank, caused the foundation of the CCF...

Religion has caused a lot of hatred, but extreme atheism does not provide a solution to that particular problem.

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The world is unfair and people need justice not a placebo or hope for a better life when they're dead. They don't need paternalistic religion to take credit for their acheivements or to absolve them of their responsibiltes.

Some People do need it. Praying may be unimportant, but I think we all need hope on occasion. Religion(at least the moderate brances of it) is one way of getting your daily dose of inspiration. It can be a way of reassuring yourself that another world is possible. (The most progressive sects talk abut a more equitable earth as well as the afterlife, the least progressive only talk about the afterlife.
I think it's exceptionally judgmental to dismiss religion out of hand as theological smack.

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