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Sometime in the near future, the traditional Liberal and Conservative political parties of Prince Edward Island, Canada's smallest province, have received a huge surprise from the voters - instead of the tweedledee-tweedledum game they've been playing with the voters forever, as they still do in mainland Canada, one fine day somewhere on the other side of the looking glass, at a time when both parties have gotten a little too arrogant and distant from the people, too much taking their rule of PEI for granted, they roll the dice one election day and they come up snake eyes as they both get turfed in favor of a group of Independents and a few NDPers.

This non-corporate coalition undertakes to fulfill their election promises and turn PEI into a modern Green Island - a government actually of, by and for the people, rather than one dominated by corporate puppets and bankers.

The trolls are not happy ....

But the corporate lobbyists and bankers who have been running the place forever are not happy with this turn of events, and decide to undertake, with the help of the American government and Canadian RCMP, 'justice' system, corporate media, and always malleable peasantry, a little regime change operation. But the regime changers get a bit of a surprise this time - an unexpected resistance from the peasants citizens, and support for Green Island from the new Nordic Union, who decree that they will no longer accept the 'right' of the Americans to interfere with sovereign governments they don't like anywhere in the world, just because they can and they want to.

And then as if all this wasn't enough, things get really interesting as, in an added twist, the 'Universal Incorporate' decides this would be a good time to put all of humanity on trial for their overall barbarism throughout their time of dominance on this planet, and their endless attacks on Truth and Beauty and Justice.

And then - well. You'll have to come to the Island to see how it all works out. It's a trip. It's also a big, serious book about the modern world, what is wrong, how it got that way, what we can do about it.

Get the book, and the must read of the summer year decade century at Green Island

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Originally posted by siamdave:
[b]Sometime in the near future...[/b]

... in a galaxy far far away.