"Just Watch Me", Volume 2

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"Just Watch Me", Volume 2

by John English


Hopefully there is a better book review than these sour grapes.



Trudeau: The good, the sad and the creepy

A new biographical instalment by John English hits many notes



George Victor

The book is an invaluable reference work for old farts whose memory of the times needs jogging. And of course the Post would need to find a reference to PET's association with Castro.  In the book, it marks English's discussion of the retired PM in his work with InterAction, an organization of former leaders (with his friend Helmut Schmidt) "committed to progressive international policies." There were also "a few thinkers such as the eminent but unorthodox Catholic theologian Hans Kung (whom babblers have just learned was trashed by Ratzinger at the first opportunity, ed.) and his former aide Tom Axworthy,"  He chaired a "Ecology and Energy Options" meeting in Montreal, April 29-30, 1989, which concluded that "perhaps the survival of humanity," was in danger.

Two years later he chared the group's meeting in London, April 6o-7, 1991, which "considered 'economic transformation' in the former Warsaw Pact nations." He welcomed  trade liberalization and a market economy into Eastern Europe, says English, but the report said:"The failure of the socialist model should not be taken as a pretext to advance a 'theological' solution of pure capitalism as the only possible alternative."

The Post, of course, favours the theological approach to Capitalism, even as their end (the Post and Capitalism)are in sight.