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Originally posted by RosaL:

I cannot see that privileged groups are at all likely to be critical of the social system that privileges them . That doesn't seem realistic to me. I don't think relying on the beneficence of those who hold wealth and power has ever worked very well, historically [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

Why not try to have a system without "privileged groups" that control the media (and most other things).[/b]

It is a nice ideal, but how do you do it? China made an attempt at that a long time ago and the results were catastrophic. I am imagining a less sudden and violent implementation. Expanding the middle-class is a good place to start. Criticizing the social system does not have to lead to a decrease in the quality of life of the middle-class. Persons have to be willing to understand that barriers prevent too many Chinese from entering the middle-class. The objective of criticizing the social system is to include more persons in that class.



Originally posted by Liang Jiajie:
[b]It is a nice ideal, but how do you do it? [/b]

We will have to answer that question in a new thread. Closing for length.


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