Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine

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Here's a review from "Lenin's Tomb":


p.s. "Lenin's tomb" is a blog, for anyone who doesn't know.


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As Naomi Klein relates it, the reformists under Gorbachev tried to remodel the system based on the Scandinavian model of social-democracy, but were quickly out-manouevred by the shock doctors, who rapidly put the whole former Soviet economy into a centrifuge and exposed it to numerous sophisticated measures to pour wealth into the pockets of a few rich bastards. (Actually, let's be a bit more creative than this. 'Rich bastards' is so 1970s, so let's design some new socialist invective. [b]I'll give an award[/b] to the best contribution in the comments box. Anything relying on a vampire/leech metaphor is likely to be accurate, but old. A bunch of conjugated swear-words won't win anything except a few more in reply).

I forget who it was at the time, but he described the aspiring capitalists in Russia as "ruthless motherfuckers" [i]"Extreme ways are back again"[/i] - Moby

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I think the winning term for the best contribution was [i]succubi[/i].

If the shoe fits, wear it.


A delightful word, truely, and one upon which we will close for length.


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