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George Victor

George Victor wrote:

Thank you for putting forward Ill Fares the Land, FP.  The immediate postwar period of growth of social democratic values was also a period of economic growth making it all possible.  Does Judt go into the political economy of the period? 

Unfortunately, our blessed library does not carry the book, and I would want to know the depth of Judt's analysis before springing for the purchase of a copy (Hardcover only?)


Cambridge library broke down and bought the late Tony Judt's Ill Fares the Land.

Also purchased by the library (they had not planned on it either) Lawrence Martin's Harperland: The politics of Control.  "Martin probes the secrecy, the muzzling of opponents, the workings of an exhaustive vetting system...The central question, Martin writes, (about this guy who once complained of Ottawa's 'democratic deficit) is whether his excesses will solidigy his rule or be his undoing." 

And heading up the National Citizen's Coalition he also talked about building a firewall between Alberta and the rest of the country. Works such as this are badly needed.


I've been working my way slowly through Richard Sudhalter's Lost Chords: White Musicians and their Contribution to Jazz, 1915- 1945, but have to put it aside to read a library copy of Sniclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here.


I thought this passage was interesting, in light of the creation of "Freedom Fries" 60 years later:



"Nonsense! Nonsense!" snorted Tasbrough. "That couldn't happen here in America, not possibly! We're a country of freemen."

"The answer to that," suggested Doremus Jessup, "if Mr. Falck will forgive me, is 'the hell it can't!' Why, there's no country in the world that can get more hysterical--yes, or more obsequious!--than America. Look how Huey Long became absolute monarch over Louisiana, and how the Right Honorable Mr. Senator Berzelius Windrip owns his State. Listen to Bishop Prang and Father Coughlin on the radio--divine oracles, to millions. Remember how casually most Americans have accepted Tammany grafting and Chicago gangs and the crookedness of so many of President Harding's appointees? Could Hitler's bunch, or Windrip's, be worse? Remember the Kuklux Klan? Remember our war hysteria, when we called sauerkraut 'Liberty cabbage' and somebody actually proposed calling German measles 'Liberty measles'?



.... and a fine note upon which to close for length.


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