Suggestions for a Reading List?

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Suggestions for a Reading List?

I've considered my self a socialist for quite a while but me being me, I've never really learned what it means other than workers taking over the means of production. I've been trying to read Marx's Capital lately and boy is it repetetive boring and pedantic, I'm pretty sure that socialist theory has moved on quite a bit in the last 140 or so years since Capital was published. From online reading it seems to me that new/bottom up socialism has alot in common with leftist anarchism and I'm leaning more that way lately, so I was wondering what are some good current books or writings on socialist/arnachist theory?

George Victor

I'll bet you've read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History (New York Review Books with foreword by Louis Menard).  Should still be in print.  Understanding begins with Wilson (where history means more than a chronological recitation of events, so understanding does not end with Lenin's arrival, and analysis is still valid in 2010).


Anarchism by Daniel Guerin

Chomsky on Anarchism by Noam Chomsky (interviews and articles)

Anarchism:  a history of liberatarian ideas and movements by George Woodcock (a canadian writer)

all these are good books on the subject and an interesting read, not too dry!