facy or conspiracy

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facy or conspiracy

I guess my awakening to activism began back in 2012, the Alberta PC government was pushing to build powerlines and it would cost Albertans 16 billion to build. I started a group on facebook and began posting my criticisms of the government and it sort of grew from there. It was a small group with about 300 followers and I like to think I helped make a change of government here. My political awareness grew about the activities of the federal and provincial governments, also how in large part the realization corporations were behind it.
I read about how the corporations after WW2, became part of America's foreign policy and helped design economic strategies for America's benefit but also for their own--when I look at whats happening in Canada, I see these very same strategies at work here. For instance the Canadian Wheat Board, or CWB, was this a hostile attack on a crown corporation, so third party investors could take a cut of the profits? Or was it simply a case of a number of farmers seeking better returns for their crops and felt they could do better selling their crops themselves. I personally believe it was a hostile take over, but there's that nagging question, am I right, I don't have the time or resources to differentiate fact from fiction.
The corporations have since influenced government/governments to become, as I see it, a world power themselves. At one point I was following articles about corporate policies and activities and found myself deep in conspiracy land, I took a step back and had to question where facts stopped and conspiracy began. Now what I keep asking myself, is this an organized goal, or is it nothing more than the outcome of different participants goals who compliment each others attempts to gain profit. I would like to ask what your thoughts are.