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When we built my mother's inground and heated pool (with cement and heavy polyvinyl lining) in Burlington in the 1970s, we centered it in the middle of her property, with I think about 20 feet on the west, east, and south sides of the pool and a small hedge on the perimeter of the property, as well as a chain link fence (the minimum required by law). Despite all this, as soon as the pool was finished, our next door neighbour dumped a paper bag of sh*t on our front doorstep, set it on fire, and rang our doorbell. I saw him running away, and called the cops, and he was later given a fine. It seems no matter how much you do to accomodate your neighbours when you have a pool, someone will take issue with you. So there's sometimes two sides to pool stories, although anyone who would locate a pool (especially those ugly above-ground pools) right next to a neighbour's lot is simply asking for trouble.

BTW, after almost two years of dealing with the cranky neighbour who hated my mother's pool (I think he was just jealous) - and we didn't have children or outdoor music - my mother (retired) packed up and moved. Because of the beautiful heated and inground pool (which cost us just $4,000 because we did the work ourselves except for digging the hole) my mother sold the house for almost double what she paid for it, so the story had a happy ending. But she never again had a swimming pool of her own - one bad neighbour was enough for her.



Originally posted by Maritimesea:
[b]We? Oh Damn I thought you were a single laywer pianist girl.[/b]

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Pianist, yes; lawyer, not -- I'm a community legal worker. Married with two little kids in school so that makes the moving scenario more complicated these days.

Haven't seen the neighbours yet and in fact, I'm abashed to say that they seem to have been away for the past, like, week.

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Originally posted by triciamarie:
Haven't seen the neighbours yet and in fact, I'm abashed to say that they seem to have been away for the past, like, week.[/b]

Maybe they read Babble and are laying low.
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[url=]When neighbours stoop to conflict[/url]



Originally posted by Michael Hardner:
[b]Hell, if we're going down that path why not go scorched earth... or scorched pool ?

That's right...

Burn down the pool ![/b]

Maybe it's this kind of pool?

[url=]Pool collapse[/url]

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