Windows VISTA internet access problem

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Windows VISTA internet access problem


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I'm looking to solve a problem for a friend who recently purchased an HP notebook with Windows Vista installed. Seems that only the admin. account has access to the internet, and other accounts that were created don't have access. I've had no success with the Windows HELP sites, so far, with this problem [which is likely something pretty simple to solve] that has me perplexed.


N. Beltov, has your friend granted the users Super User or Power User status? That should help.

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OK, I will check that out next time I've got access to his notebook (tomorrow). Thanks.


I'm a new Vista user, so I can't help much. I'm using admin account on mine, so I'm god-like on this machine.

I just created a regular user account, switched users, and I had no trouble connecting to the net.

In case it does help you, remember that all user rights to read and write access to disk files, and privileges for using applications(like an internet browser and its capability to connect to the internet) can be granted by superuser or "admin" when using any operating system. That means that if certain regular user account privileges were removed by administrator while logged in as "administrator", then they can only be granted or given back to regular user accounts by system administrator while logged in as administrator, as a general rule. Read-write privileges "trickle down" from administrator, but not the other way.

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That's actually useful, Fidel. And, as my friend is paying me $20/hour to solve his computer problems, it's important that I get to the problem and solve it right away.


Could it have something to do with the firewall rules?

I just bought a new computer that came loaded with Norton protection centre software. It pretty much blocked all non-admin internet access by default. If that's the problem, disable the firewall and see if it works.


Through using "Parental Controls", I just blocked my one user account, "Fidel", from using any and all programs. The choice is either to allow user Fidel to use all programs, or just the ones I want him to using "Allow and Block Specific Programs."

I would check Parental Controls to see if its even turned on. And if it is, then check each of the user accounts and either add IExplore/Netscape or whatever to the control list - or simply allow the user to use all programs - which kind of defeats the purpose for using Vista account security.

eta: sanizadeh seems to know what he's talking aboot. I'm guessing that reg users can load up a browser but cannot surf? In that case, did you check under "Web Filter"? Because there is an option to allow all websites to be accessed, or implement an access control list for specific web sites.

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I suggest


as a place to get problems like this wrung out. mostly a bunch of friendly computer people for whom it is a form of recreation to answer your question.

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Problem solved. Thanks, all.