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Ghislaine Maxwell's Sworn Testimony is Coming Back to Haunt Her


"Four years ago, Ghislaine Maxwell sat in front of several lawyers in a midtown Manhattan law firm and explained her role in Jeffrey Epstein's life..."


Trump 'Wishes Ghislaine Maxwell Well' As She Awaits Sex Abuse Trial


"The cabal of global imperialism is the most rotten, corrupt and degenerate force on earth. (So when they start talking about 'human rights' you know they're planning heinous crimes)."


Bombshell: Judge Unseals Ghislaine Maxwell Documents


"A number of documents related to the case against Ghislaine Maxwell, former associate of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, have been ordered unsealed. They are expected to contain new revelations concerning Epstein's infamous private island and the rich and powerful men in his circle..."


Epstein Docs Unsealed: Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz Named (and vid)


"The Hill: Krystal and Saagar share their thoughts on new documents revealing the names of  powerful people who allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein's private island..."

"Bill Clinton was at Epstein's island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and '2 young girls'."


Clare Bronfman Sentenced to Almost 7 Years in Prison for Offences in NXIVM Cult


"Clare Bronfman, a wealthy benefactor of Keith Raniere and the American daughter of the late Edgar Bronfman, has been sentenced to almost seven years for her role in the NXIVM case. At trial prosecutors told jurors the 60 year old Raniere's organization, NXIVM - operated like a cult whose members called him 'Vanguard.'

To honour him, prosecutors said the group formed a secret sorority comprised of brainwashed female 'slaves' who were branded with his initials and forced to have sex with him.

In court papers, prosecutors argued she deserved a serious punishment since, 'There can be little doubt that Raniere would not have been able to commit the crimes with which he was convicted were it not for powerful allies like Bronfman.' Bronfman's older sister Sara also was involved with the group. Sara Bronfman does not face criminal charges..."


The Hill: Wall Street Billionaire [Leon Black] Caught Paying Epstein Millions After Visiting Private Island


"Saagar Enjeti discusses recent developments concerning Jeffrey Epstein's alleged ties to Wall St billionaire."


What did Billionaire Leon Black of Apollo Get for > $50m in Fees to Jeffrey Epstein


"...The current scandal has a Master of the Universe looking like he's been caught with his pants down. Not only is Leon Black's name in Epstein's infamous black book, but Esptein was an 'original trustee' of the Leon Black Family Foundation, dating from 1997."


"When Epstein was a director, The Black Family Foundation donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Millions also were donated to the MoMA. Other recipients included Charles Bronfman's Birthright Israel Foundation."



Ghislaine Maxwell is Trying to Keep some Jeffrey Epstein Details a Secret


"...Wednesday's development comes from Norway. The paper DN reported that Epstein provided the Norwegian diplomat Terje Rod-Larsen with a personal loan, and that Rod-Larsen later asked the International Peace Institute, the think-tank he heads, to make payments to Epstein..."


Corporate Media Silence as Former Clinton Aide Confirms Ties to Jeffrey Epstein


"The bombshell that Clinton's closest confidant confirmed the former president's many trips aboard the 'lolita express' has been totally ignored by the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News, MSNBC, CBS News and CNN."