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RIP Neil Peart, drummer for Rush:

Very sad.   I am a huge Rush fan and a (very) amateur drummer, this one is a big bummer.   A shame he didn't have a chance to enjoy his retirement.

Douglas Fir Premier

Bonnie Burstow; author, activist, anarchist, professor, and rabble blogger

Those who knew Burstow would agree that it seems fitting for her to have the last word on her death, a message she left for her friends, family, students, colleagues and fellow activists.

“I love you, and my life has been enriched by what we have shared together,” she wrote. “I have thought of you often as the decades rolled by, usually with excitement, oh, so often with wonder and gratitude. What times we have had! Personally. In some cases, professionally. In some, communally. And what a mitzvah it has been to think, and talk, and hope, and dream, and disrupt, and create, and build, and tread together through time and space and meaning! Take care of the world. Shalom.”


Very sorry to hear that, but love her farewell, and her fire-red shirt!