'Like Lightning Has Struck': Eviction Looms for 150 Residents of Toronto Seniors' Home

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'Like Lightning Has Struck': Eviction Looms for 150 Residents of Toronto Seniors' Home

'Like Lightening Has Struck': Eviction Looms For 150 Residents of Toronto Seniors' Home


"Sigrid Riko is 96 - and she has no idea where she's going to live. For the last eight years, Riko has been living at Davenhill Senior Living, a not-for-profit, assisted living home in Rosedale. Last week, she and the rest of the facility's 150 residents found out the building has been sold, so they need to get out by the end of the year.

'I thought I would be here to the end of my life,' Riko said through tears on Monday. 'This should not be allowed to happen,' Krista Riko told CBC Toronto. 'These people should not be antagonized and tortured in their final days.' Ward 11 Coun, Mike Leighton said the city hasn't gotten any development proposals for the site - but residents worry it will become yet another condo project.

The building at 877 Yonge St just north of Davenport Road was sold back in May to a numbered company, which lists Toronto real estate lawyer Andrew Jeanrie as director and president. The company was set up over a week before the building changed hands. Jeanrie refused to comment on the sale when reached by CBC News."

Money talks, Granny walks...


Andrew L Jeanrie - Partner - Bennett Jones LLP




Councillor Layton Would Like Tools to Prevent Eviction of Seniors (audio)


"The city is looking for ways to help those affected and pevent similar situations in the future..."

Stop bending over for Toronto developers might be a good start.