Misogynists on rampage

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remind wrote:

Oh yes let's diminish because it is women slaughtered in one fell swoop.

If it happened in a synagogue it would be classified as a hate crime

or in a black baptist church, etc etc

but because it happened to women, in a woman's gym, it is simply just another crime of violence by a "mentally ill" person.

Fuck! That is sickeniing on so many levels.

I am not trying to diminish the seriousness of this crime, just trying to put it in perspective. I have no real idea why men like Sodini hated women like he did. I admit to not being a criminologist or social worker or anything of the sort. I was concerned enough to want to comment about this particular act of misogyny in the extreme. And I think that's a positive thing for me and everyone who's posted in this thread who have demonstrated some concern about it.  Apparently I've spent too much time in this thread already and have no idea what I'm talking about. Carry on.

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No I am out of this thread actually.

martin dufresne

I guess that if Sodini had shot 120 women instead of 12, there would be less cocksure denial and attempts to put his crime in another "perspective" than patriarchy. Still a lot of work to do. 



Ah, how quickly we forget the first ten words in this thread.



Unionist wrote:

Ah, how quickly we forget the first ten words in this thread.

Be very careful


martin dufresne

You can't say I didn't try.



martin dufresne wrote:

You can't say I didn't try.

Wasn't it you or someone with a handle a lot like your's who gave us grief earlier for trying to discuss Sodini in a thread about a misogynist on the rampage?

martin dufresne



Okay sorry, martin, my mistake. There attempts to get into Sodini's head by a few posters above. And the assessments are probably pretty accurate about his failure to come full circle with women and the ensuing frustration,  I dont know. I'm not a professional, but I think they would agree with it. So how many more frustrated males are there out there, and for how long have they not been seeking help? Why didnt anyone around him notice Sodini's marathon anti-social behaviour and do something about it? Or could they? What can anyone do about the next Sodini?  

I think there will be professionals who will want to do interviews with Sodini's family and friends and co-workers and gathering as many of the details as they can. Will there be a genetic sample taken from Sodini to determine if or whether there was a defect anywhere along a familial line? What drove this guy to do what he did? I'd be curious to know as long as it's spelled out for me in layman's terms. And I think the opinions in this thread are a pretty good start.


G. Muffin

Bookish Agrarian wrote:
The way our society reacts to people who are clearly mentally ill - but look 'normal' has been on my mind a lot lately.

I am intrigued by this statement.  Mental health/illness is solely a subjective opinion of somebody else's behaviour and thinking.  So if somebody "looks" normal (by which I'm guessing you mean someone appears not to suffer from a mental illness) then they are normal.  In the case of Sodini, prior to this horrendous act he hadn't committed any crime.  So what exactly do you think society should have done in his case?  Are you comfortable with authorities assessing citizens on the basis of crimes they might commit?  I guess another way of putting it is:  How many thousands of harmless crazies are you willing to assess, identify, and curtail their civil rights in order that one Sodini doesn't commit murder? 


A Harmless Crazy Person

West Coast Greeny

Just posting to say this is the most fascinating thread I've read on this site for a long, long time.

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Long thread.


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