What do you do to "unhunch" after Winter?

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What do you do to "unhunch" after Winter?

I noticed today on my walk that I was still hunched against the cold, even though it was 16 degrees out. I made the effort to straighten up and not feel like I was battling the elements, and not just because my mother drilled into me the importance of good posture. 

What do you, as people living in a colder climate, do to "unhunch"? It can be physical, emotional or whatever. How do you adjust to not just the usual seasonal changes but to the more dramatic seasonal changes we're experiencing now?


I've been trying to do the exact same thing. I even discussed with a neighbour getting out of the habit of looking at my feet while walking. The sidewalks were awful in front of my building with uneven lumpy ice and actual pot holes. There were times I felt I would have been justified in using a cane to avoid the possibility of a bad fall. 

I'm having a very hard time shaking off the winter. It's like nothing will do until I can leave my windows open. I'm creating a new habit. Before I get up in the morning I remove my pillow and turn my head to each side until my ear fully touches the mattress. I started with just that but since then I developed a personal stretching only routine of about 15 minutes 

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It takes me a long time to let go of my winter outer wear but I do live in Winnipeg. I don't think I hunch but I never thought about it before. I certainly shuffle and keep my eyes on the ground - too many falls on poorly cleared sidewalks not to. But even without snow, our sidewalks are so uneven that it is pretty easy to roll your ankle.

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Yeas, you have to keep one eye on the pavement. 

Ive been out for some long walks with Roxy (my English setter) and appreciating the warmer temperatures. It’s been a long winter. 


Do we get a pic of Roxy? I love critters.

The bicycle helps in my case, but I'd never been off it for so long. I know someone born in 1937 who rides his all year round, but there was no way I was going to risk rides on ice - and the ice was not a rink; it was very uneven do to all the indentations created by people's boots and shoes - there were many small melts, but none last long enough to put paid to the ice. When I was working on the Julia Sanchez electoral campaign, I had to take the bus to her campaign office, normally about a ten-minute walk. However the pedestrian and cyclist ways had not been properly cleaned, so it was far too risky to cross on foot. I hope some of the students at our engineering and town planning schools are working on new ways of clearing ice, which is far different from clearing snow.


The city did pick up a sidewalk ice-breaking machine recently. It looks promising, though I don't know what the scale's going to be. If they only have one, it'll take months to clear all the sidewalks.