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Slumberjack, I don't see this as a parody of Movember. Why not start a thread about that campaign or find an existing one? 

I do have criticisms of both the Movember and Pink Ribbon campaigns, but they involve branding and commercial recuperation, not health awareness. 


I think it's quite impossible to start such a thread and have it discussed purely from the perspective of health consciousness without running into all kinds of divisiveness.  I suppose this thread, bumped up just in time for Movember, is merely coincidence as you suggest Lagatta.  But I doubt it.  It’s just that there’s nothing amusing about the procession of living human skeletons that I see making their way to cancer treatments every day, and I find it curious to see a thread like this running, two years in a row during the month set aside for more serious concerns.


Well, the obvious solution is to start a serious thread about Movember - or about cancer treatments in general. It would be very odd if anyone found that funny - cancer is scarcely rare, and I'm sure there isn't a single person here who hasn't either had it, lost someone to it, or know someone going through very difficult treatment. 

I think the only people who have the right to make jokes about something so dire are those experiencing or having survived it themselves. 

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This thread is supposed to be about wool and knitting in general (you'll notice I bumped it twice earlier in January and June as well). And is also part of my ongoing project to introduce less traditionally macho/conforntational subjects so as to attract a more diverse audience and make babble a nicer place to be.

I don't think Movember is a serious concern, but that's just me. I would be more than willing to share those thoughts in a Movember thread. I welcome you to start one, SJ.

@lagatta, Yes, Merino wool, when I can afford it, is amazing. I have a pair of merino hiking socks which are personal faves.

Also @md: ha!


Catchfire, I don't know if the Bay will be repeating their 1/2 price sale on cashmere and merino pullovers (for men and women) this year. During Boxing week, my two came to just under $50 apiece, including taxes. They are very warm without bulk. I've also seen end-of-season deals on outdoor wear merino - are those hiking socks machine washable? 

Like Barbara Ehrenreich, who is a cancer survivor, I have great misgivings both about the "blue" and "pink" cancer campaigns. What she has to say on this issue is very much worth a read. 



Is this thread mocking Movember?  No.

What is the point of Movember?  To raise awareness of prostate cancer by getting men to grow moustaches, right?  Does this thread stop men from growing moustaches in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer?  No.  Is it possible to both be aware of prostate cancer, grow a moustache, AND enjoy a light-hearted thread about wool?  Yes.  Does enjoying a light-hearted play on the word "Movember" in any way harm or oppress people with cancer, or stop people from participating in Movember? No.

And since when is November now designated "a month set aside for more serious concerns"?  By whom?  Personally, I think November is party month - it's my birthday month, and I'm turning 40 this year!  Did you know that every single month of the year has a zillion "awareness" causes attached to them?  Not to mention the further zillions of causes attached to every week within those 12 months?

Sorry, but I don't really take "Movember" much more seriously than I take the stupid "pink ribbon" and "pink everything" campaigns for breast cancer.  I guess at least Movember hasn't completely sold out the way the pink campaigning has, and hey, if people want to raise awareness, good on them.  When I look at a moustache, I promise I'll think about prostate cancer, despite the existence of Wovember.



Hits the spot as usual, Michelle! I've raised a bunch of Movember money this month, even though I: 1) Oppose charitable fundraising as a method of funding of health research and awareness. 2) Can't stand the fringe voices on both sides that accuse the pink ribbon campaign of denigrating men's health issues, or vice versa. But - I'm a living contradiction, so I'm growing my stash and I've got my mobro.co website. I don't understand it myself. Just another example of wooly thinking.



Catchfire wrote:
I don't think Movember is a serious concern, but that's just me. I would be more than willing to share those thoughts in a Movember thread. I welcome you to start one, SJ.

That's obvious.  I'll decline the invitation to start a Movember thread though, in part because I'm not interested in hearing any more of your thoughts on the topic.


Slumberjack, I gather you work in a medical facility of some kind, but I'm surprised you don't want to hear different thoughts on the issue of charity campaigns. 

I seriously suggest that you read (cancer survivor) Barbara Ehrenreich's writings on "blue-sky thinking" both with respect to "pink-cancer hell" and the economy. 

She is most certainly not denying either the death toll or pain caused by cancer, or other grave diseases. 

Why is there private charity anyway? Shouldn't public resources be going to research, and help for people with serious medical conditions, whether or not they will survive them?