Your deepest convictions - Twitter-style

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Your deepest convictions - Twitter-style

We have all learned some very important lessons during our lives -- lessons that we are deeply convinced about and are unlikely to change.

Each can be summerized in a few words, yet it took us years to fully learn. Some of them are our own thoughts, some are those we have read or heard and adapted to our lives.

The list below are mine, in Twitter-style headlines.

See if you can summarize your deepest convictions or most important thoughts in similarly short tweets. It could be a treat to those who do not like to read too many words.


- Lyall Watson’s 3 rules of the genes: “be nasty to outsiders, be nice to insiders and cheat where possible” to get what you want.
- Greed is a terrible affliction. It is incurable and insatiable. 
- There is no self-made man. Genes, language, culture, parents, society made us. Some gratitude would be justified. 
- There is no level playing field. It always favours the smarter, richer, healthier, luckier, the more ruthless, cunning, dishonest among us. 
- Margaret Atwood deserves a Nobel for “Oryx and Crake” -- she has outdone Orwell. 
- The qualities required to be a good leader are usually incompatible with the qualities required to become a leader.
- In an infinite Universe probability of anything (even God) is 50% -- either it is or it isn’t! We are left to depend on our senses: Science. 
- Solutions to mankind’s problems are easy and obvious. They remain unsolved because those who could solve them – don’t want to.
- We have conflicting loyalties: to Self, Family, Country, Species, Life. Our ultimate loyalty is to Life -- everything else depends on it!. 
- It is true: we are superior to animals -- they can't build nuclear weapons! 
- My favourite TV show is "Rough Science" - someone once called it "Geek Survivor" -- how true: we are still alive!
- Heisenberg made uncertainty a Principle. Many opted for religion instead.
- Carl Sagan's: "Pale Blue Dot" shows a real photo (by Voyager) of Earth from the edge of the Solar System: a speck of dust we fight over! 
- Most astronauts are surprised first time in space: "You can't see the borders!" (Imagine that!)
- In 594 BC in Greece, Solon abolished all debts overnight to save Athens from revolution. Food for thought for world leaders! 
- Leaders of all systems (Capitalism, Communism, etc.) in History claimed to serve the people. All Systems would work if the leaders meant it!
- Wisdom is knowing who you are and where you belong. Happiness is being there
- Socrates made people face their hypocrisy. He had to die


Anything you close your eyes, ears and mind to, will probably bite you on the ass.

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Never bluff in play money poker, you will always get called.

babble is currently full of right wing trolls trying to present a softer gentler side to right wing insanity.


Only Corrections Canada Knows my deepest convictions. Wink

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Harper's convictions disturb me.


I would welcome his conviction.


My own?

Never side with the mighty against the weak.

Don't be mean.

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There is no God higher than truth.

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

It's not what we have but what we value that makes us rich.


Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans.


Life is a filing cabinet, and I've lost the key.

My cats know better. [Just btw, one of my favourite babbler handles ever.]


Being a hypocrite is better than having no convictions at all.

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It's not a motorcycle, baby, it's a chopper.


I forgot to include this one:

- Every good deed gets its just punishment. Frown

Papal Bull

Your memory is like an old sock - it probably has holes.


Fun is humankind's most important goal.


skdadl wrote:

My cats know better. [Just btw, one of my favourite babbler handles ever.]

Was "My cats know better" an actual handle?


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 Was "My cats know better" an actual handle?