23 January 2010 Promotional Video

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23 January 2010 Promotional Video


Doubtless most of you are already members of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, which now enjoys the distinction of being the largest political social networking group in Canadian history.

Please find below the link to a promotional video produced by members of the National Capital Region Planning Committee.

The video can be accessed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOIOS2NHf3E

Enjoy, and be absolutely certain to come out on 23 January 2010, whatever you partisan allegiance and whichever part of the country you inhabit.

It's that important.




Well made if only Dions handycam presentation had come off this well last year, we wouldn't need to do this.

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Excellent video!


thorin_bane wrote:

Well made if only Dions handycam presentation had come off this well last year, we wouldn't need to do this.

True - they should have had a professional produce Dion's video.

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So I tried to watch it again, except this time I had the sound turned up, already had 3 cups of coffee, and I decided did not want to see it again.  And at 2:33 in length, it's way to long.

My first impression though, was that it was a pretty civil attack ad. This is politics, after all, and I expected worse. They made some good points and had some good graphics.  Speed it up and chop out some of the bullshit and it could be a killer ad. I thought it was a Liberal ad at first, but it's done by a group (or someone)


The best page on this site, and the one to bookmark, is the events page which is a list of links to independent Facebook groups created for different cities across Canada that are organizing events. 

The big CAPP Facebook group, membership 150,000+ now has NOTHING on its Events tab.  But there is one reference, to www.noprogue.ca on the info page, which also appears in a sidebar.  I have offered to help as an assistant admin (or whatever) on this site as there are none other than the creator, Christopher White.  Many have mentioned the blank Events page in discussion threads started by White.

Man, it can be so frustrating seeing something so simple and so needed be left undone. This is more work than what White has to do to make a proper link:

Hope all readers here get out and let their voice be heard.

We want change, we want democracy.

Support our troops, bring them home now!


Harper still dominates all the other leaders on the question of leadership - none of them have ever beaten him on that score. Unless he can be proven to be incompetent, no one can touch him.


Remember, a year end review article said, "He towers, like Zeus, over the opposition."







Compared to the other leaders, he is a giant.

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Here is another video that is a pretty good effort, and I think it's am amateur who made it.

After seeing Dion's handy cam video and Iggy's talk-in-the-woods effort, I had to conclude that these guys should stop using thier closest friends as image consultants. There is better talent out there, sometimes for free.

I am Canadian


Augustus wrote:

Compared to the other leaders, he is a giant.

Indeed he is: