Alberta floods and Enbridge Pipelines

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Alberta floods and Enbridge Pipelines

First and most important, my heart goes out to my family and friends in Calgary and vicinity. This is the largest and most damaging flooding in Alberta I have ever seen. I hope and believe the rest of the country will help the huge rebuilding efforts.

However, Enbridge experienced a pipeline spill during this time. Enbridge has boasted about the safety of its pipeliness and how they have taken into account weather extremes. Was this leak a direct result of the flooding in Alberta or is it just an unfortunate coincide?

Actually, I don't care what caused the spill. I care because Enbridge has so often claimed their pipelines are safe from spills. Those claims seemed to founded on wishes (or outright lies?) rather than reality. Many already find Enbridge's claims dubious to say the least. For me this only confirms that Enbridge pipeliness are destined to spill at some point.

For now all eyes should be on Alberta's recovery. I know from experience that, whether you agree with Alberta's politics or not, they are resilient and will come together.

However, I hope that after this, an examination and protests of Enbridge will continue.

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