All Candidates forums are corrupt

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All Candidates forums are corrupt

Political forums sans corruption
October 29 2014 All candidates forum Osoyoos British Columbia Canada
The auditorium was 85% full
the Old Guard are gathered near the podium by the East entrance
 The OG is here to dominate the forum by rooting for their candidates and heckling & intimidating all others.
The Moderator explained how the questions were sorted out to prevent duplicates.
My preference would be that each candidate pick 2 random questions out of 200+ 
answering 1 of them, then the next candidate...
Political action groups were there from the "pro firehall group" Sorry Michael Ryan, you being a town council member;
should have stayed away from the forum completely. What if the other out going members; Mike Plante and Stu Wells attended and took up as much time.
Boo to you Mr. Ryan
During my opening speech I was heckled by members the OG (husband of RCMP officer).
After the incident the moderator told me "if You act up like that again, I will have to ask you to leave"; never saying anything to those that disrupted my podium time.
Future forums will have many more camcorders trained on these controlling groups;
shining some light on this forum hijacking practice.
The preselected questions were asked and answered (up to 9 times) ad nauseum.
There are many more current hot button issues that should have been asked:
Like the overpayment of 1.6 million (4 times too much) for the fire hall land.
The cowboy cops of osoyoos on the Province newspaper front page!!! (just days before)
The mayor on the front page of the Osoyoos times (current issue) pictured removing private property signage.
 Who was in the back seat of your car that day; Mr Mayor?
This is why we always elect such pathetic representatives. No tuff personal questions are ever asked.
Candidates with shady backgrounds get a free pass.
Then the candidates closing statements.
As I was putting my camcorder away I heard people say things like; "I'm glad I came"
"this was more interesting than I expected"
another said "that was brave to step in between the combatants" to one of the candidates He replied "I knew them all"
The forum video footage has been posted to Youtube under dougformayorosoyoos.
Watch the video and see what a terrible format these CofC "All Candidates meetings" are.
Random questions and more camcorders watching the political groups, that corrupt democracy; can only change things for the better.