Anne McGrath Returns To NDP As Its National Director

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Anne McGrath Returns To NDP As Its National Director

In its official release from the NDP

Congratulations to Anne McGrath on being named the new National Director of Canada's NDP. Anne is an experienced leader in our movement with a strong commitment to our values. We're excited to work with her to build on what we accomplished during the campaign & fight for people.


Why do these figures in NDP leadership who fail election after election keep getting shuffled around and rehired? Flush them all out and get some new people in instead of these people who perpetually fail.

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Well she was once a communist. That would not matter to many progressive people in the NDP. However, all a Conservative or Liberal opponent would have to tell voters is that she was once a communist. That would end her chances right there.

Secondly, Alberta is not the best place for the NDP to do well. It is not just her.

Thirdly, I know of many candidates who are excellent and never get elected. Emilio Taman is one that I can think of.

Nettie Wiebe from Saskatchewan is another. Nettie Wiebe ran for the leadership of the NDP in Saskatchewan after Roy Romanow retired. Then she ran federally unsuccessfully three times and it breaks my heart just thinking of the loss. I think that if she had won her seat that she would have been hands down the very best MP in all of Canada. That is not to put down other excellent members of parliament but it does speak to her remarkable talents and qualities. She is truly in a league of her own.

A person who persistently loses does not mean that he or she is unfit for working in the national office. She may be a poor choice for the role. I don't know her nor anything really about her have an opinion, but many very great candidate hopefuls have lost many times and that says nothing about their capability to handle a position within the party.


Sorry, is this the same sycophant who was National Director before? What a useless directionless party.


The NEW [Hill & Knowlton] Democratic Party

"Our belief is that brands with a clear, authentic purpose, and performance strategies aligned to business objectives are most likely to succeed..."

Oh well. Pretend harder.


Just the fact that she (along with Brad Lavigne) was cheering the Liberal victory on national TV in 2015 as the NDP was presiding over the worst ever seat loss in its history should disqualify her from being anywhere near a leadership role within the NDP.


Who does the hiring? How does that work anyways?


Failure rewarded.