Another good reason for unions

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Another good reason for unions

I bet any university profs with SSHRC or NSERC research money are afraid to speak up.

It's like living during the third reich - these tories will stop at nothing.

Harper doesn't want the oil sands 'progress', or the arctic destruction and gateway, be disrupted by issues like truth.

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I should add, salmon farming, all kinds of one - I wonder how many guys/gals writing about economics, law, or the suppression of democracy, or other important matters, in whatever fields, criminology, health care, are also delayed/censored/controlled by the feds, or even feeling possibly harassed by these Harper thugs? Are there folks who are afraid of their work contradicting the tories, because they fear reprisals on their careers or their funding? Thanks to the union guy for speaking up about this.

And no, it's not exactly timely, but I would find it edifying to hear if others find or discover other articles relevant to this issue, or similar stories that help me get an accurate picture of tory suppression of information/knowledge.

Here's another one:

Warning: If Stephen Harper makes you gag, don't click that link or you'll hurl.


Here - issues around the muzzling of science researchers - climate.