Answering Rose, Ruby, and Berger

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Answering Rose, Ruby, and Berger

My medical friend and colleague Philip Berger would be appalled if he saw with his own eyes, as I have, the disastrous humanitarian and health consequences of a policy that grants settlers from New York six times as much fresh water per capita as native Palestinians.

Human-rights lawyer Clayton Ruby would be outraged to witness the proceedings of military courts where tortured Arabs are accused, convicted and sentenced without the right to know the evidence against them.

Unionist Jeff Rose would be shocked at policies that de facto make Palestinian labour groups illegal, exposing their organizers to the threat of incarceration.

Zionism doesn't define Jews - it divides us

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I forwarded this to a friend, thinking it was comment on the current situation in Gaza - then afterward, I noticed the date on it: December 12, 2002. More than 6 years later it speaks the truth more than ever.

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I had no idea Gabor mate was jewish. Interesting piece.

Brian Topp: Our friends on the blue team seem to mostly focus on sticks, and not so much on carrots. ;)


The origin for all this can be found here:


Written just over six years ago, it wouldn't hurt for it to be trotted out once and a while.

 I remember it touching off a vigorous debate at babble at the time.  

Lord Palmerston

Gabor Mate is from a Hungarian-Jewish background and many of the 56er emigres were Jewish.  A lot of Hungarian Jews - who were much more assimilated than Jews in Eastern Europe - "magyarized" their surnames.   Polanyi, Lukacs, etc. were Hungarian Jews.

Lord Palmerston

As for Mate's article, it is just as relevant today.