Anti-Mulcair Shadow Cabinet Wedsite

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Anti-Mulcair Shadow Cabinet Wedsite


I think this deserves a thread all of it's own.


Good, actually dumb choice in picking on Don Davies who is about the best the NDP has to offer.

These seems more like a comedy website than anything else. Laughing 


For their first big attack (as far as I can tell, aside from the stuff they try and pull on the Hill), the Conservatives launched a website whihc basically goes through every member of the Shadow Cabinet and attacks them for various things. Fo example, today's critic, Don Davies, is attacked for his association with No One Is Illegal.

Why are they doing this? What can be done about it?

Persoanlly, I think they're trying to paint the whole NDP as being unfit to govern. As for what can be done about it, I don't know...


The consensus, even from the conservative media, is that this is falling flat and looks remarkably amateurish. But I think it would be a grave mistake to gloat or think this is the worst they can do. It may even be intentionally clumsy - a feint? - so the real attack may catch the party napping.


I'm not too familiar with No One Is Illegal, but how can they get away with saying things like this?:


  • support human smuggling;
  • and endorse terrorism against Israel.
  • NorthReport



    I won't vote NDP, cuz I don't want Canada to be run by orange men and green women. ;-)


    The Conservatives must think that "people of colour" are scary.


    Seems the Tories have a strategy here. They're not sure that they can define Tom as "scary" so they're going to try to paint the party as scary... "their leader may be moderate but those that will run government departments are scary".


    Yes, that could be it.

    I remember Mulroney when the NDP was topping the polls: "Can you imagine, Svend Robinson Minister of Defence?!"



    Looks they've updated the website quite a bit recently. They actually used this quote by Peggy Nash as a rationale for her wanting "bigger defecits":

    “This is not a time for our government to be retrenching and to be increasing unemployment through significant cuts in the public sector,” said NDP finance critic Peggy Nash, who is also urging new stimulus spending on pressing infrastructure needs. (Globe and Mail, August 8, 2011)