Anti-Semitism and free speech

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The spectacle of Zionist bullies sweeping in to publicly harass a group of women of conscience at an LCBO delighted you, Dodger?

It had quite the opposite effect on me when I witnessed video clips of their behaviour.

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I love you all, even dodger, thanks for keeping my faith folks.  ;)


Lard Tunderin Jeezus wrote:

The spectacle of Zionist bullies sweeping in to publicly harass a group of women of conscience at an LCBO delighted you, Dodger?

It had quite the opposite effect on me when I witnessed video clips of their behaviour.

I don't know if anyone was harassed. If anyone was, that's appalling. People should be free to go about their business free of harassment, whether they're picketing a store or trying to buy a pair of shoes.


Dodger718 wrote:

For those who speak French, Richard Martineau of Le Journal de Montreal, had a follow-up and said that he and his wife went there and bought shoes to show support for the merchant.

Those who speak French, and even those who don't, will know that the Journal de Montréal locked out all its journalists almost 2 years ago, and that people of conscience don't buy or read this rag in response to the journalists' appeal for a boycott.

Rather revealing, I think, that you would read, and approvingly cite, this piece of boycotted trash while expressing your evident fear and loathing of another boycott aimed at securing justice for the Palestinian people.


Well, given that the article was published within the last week by one of their journalists, I'm assuming that the journalists are no longer locked out or calling for a boycott. Just speculating. I'm an Anglophone from Toronto (although I speak French) and was just going on Google search results on the story.


For those who may not know, Richard Martineau (cited by our dodger upthread) is a noted Islamophobic scribbler around this city. Last spring he condemned the plan by the Muslim students associations of McGill and Concordia to create a mosque in a downtown location owned by the Grey Nuns. Why am I unsurprised that an opponent of the Palestinian call for BDS would cite this creep (and scab), and refer to him as a "journalist"?



The same way I'm surprised when Tarik Fatah quotes and cites Daniel Pipes?

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Are you saying that birds of a feather stick together? Imagine that.


Stargazer wrote:

Isn't that a sweet story Dodge. Really thank you for your contribution. You sound a lot like another very pro-Israel fellow who was recently tossed from babble.

If I were Dodger I would take this as a warning of possible expulsion. Surely he should know the rules here by now. We are a progressive board. Those who show support for Israel can expect to be tossed. I have watched, mostly from afar, and have stopped counting those who have been shown the door for being Zionists. Take heed Dodger and if you are "Bernie Farber" which many of us believe returns here in different guises (kind of like the Ghosts of Christmas past, present and future), be gone . I always wondered how M. Farber finds the time to spend here. Alas we know him well and our antennae are tuned. 


MCsquared, even though you are viscerally incapable of expressing sympathy and solidarity with the victims of oppression, I love you on this joyous festive season. I even love your antennae. But if you continue to support apartheid, aggression, and national subjugation here, even my boundless love will be tested and tried.


MCSquared, nobody is "showing support" for Israel. I am, however, showing support for shopkeepers to try to make a living in peace without being harassed because they happen to sell shoes made in a country that some people don't like.


Excellent piece by Amir Khadir responding to the hysterical attacks against him for participating in the BDS campaign - a movement that Québec solidaire formally joined at its November 2009 congress. I apologize for not supplying an English version this time, but it's a bit lengthy and ... maybe later, if anyone requests, I'll spend some time at it:

[url= the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign, by Amir Khadir[/url]


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[url=]Rev... of the new book Anti-Semitism Real and Imagined: Responses to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism, edited by Michael Keefer, a professor at the University of Guelph, and containing "contributions from 11 committed campaigners in the fight for freedom of expression, as well as position papers from seven well-respected Canadian social organizations".


MCsquared wrote:

Ripple wrote:

A couple of people have commented on this article at rabble, and it's related to several threads we've had, so I thought I'd bring it to babble for discussion.

I was surprised to learn that bds activists in France are facing trial for hate speech.  I don't see this happening in the immediate future in Canada, but this is a step in that direction.

That is despicable. Can you get a link to this story on the hate speech trial?


French Activist Summoned To Court Over Israel Boycott

"...The Kahana movement is outlawed in Israel over a decade ago, yet in France it is still permitted, however calls for boycotting Israel are outlawed by the French government..."


Disappearing Palestine ad campaign on Vancouver transit. The maps just went up today.


The Most Abused Term in Canada  -  by Yves Engler

'Anti-Semitism' may be the most abused term in Canada today..."